When you don’t learn it the first time…

Don’t be afraid because the universe is certain to provide you with other opportunities to learn it.

Had chemo this week, and its the time of lots and lots of rest.

Have a birthday this week upcoming, as well as all my scans for new tests.

There are some people in my life with odd things, that its time for them to move to outer circles. This is a growing thing, I feel that life teaches you these things to show you whats important.

A, C and my favorite nephew brought me a birthday breakfast care package today and it was amazing, it was so well planned and excecuted I felt like it was room service at some swanky hotel – it had yogurt with all the fixings, fresh juice and pumpkin pancakes with bacon and eggs – it even had a personally decorated delivery package that I will cherish with fond fond memories.

These are the amazing people in my life, who treat me like a princess even when I’m having day looking for the pea in the mattresses – sleep beckons.

The doctor got me some support for this “thing” in my belly button that refuses to get with the program and fly right – reminds me of an old song by nat king cole – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fVaP6dM1fs First got turned on to so many amazing and boppy tunes by my grandmother – it was a “thing” …. of fond and learning memories from a young time in my life.

Even then the universe provided me with a repeat button on things I need to know – to be a better person – to be a stronger and more intuitive person – to know that putting myself first is paramount. Its really the only way to be alive – you can’t possible help anyone else effectively if your not taking care of you first.

Conditions in our world have given me so much pause lately – my head is spinning with so many thoughts – but today was not that day, it was a day of having people that I love pamper me.

Thank you life for helping me understand.

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