I feel good you know that I would now

This song is playing in my head right now – I ran across a really good vlog by some of my favorite vloggers (video blog) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNH7qzyuT4M

Its such a great thing to show some of the rabbit trails or bread crumbs that lead from stellar old style record recorded music, to new style music – the brain is an incredible thing and inspiration comes from so many places.

I do find it pretty interesting that the ones he references are sorta an odd thing – because if the “rewritten” songs were of white men, they would have been credited differently – insipid/hidden racism in another hidden place.

Music has always been this zen of a thing that can bring my body and cells into harmony in a magical way – I think this is much due to my childhood of music doing this to me at such a young age – while everything else was chaotic and in flux, the music was the constant.

Many times when I try to convey a thought or idea, a song will come to mind that basically represents the feelings that are attached with the thought or idea – not necessarily exact, but usually close enough for government work.

Thats an interesting expression too because it rather implies a truth that is societally known that “government work” isn’t always the best possible example of what can be — and this is kinda a well case in point for the fact that maybe we need a different one.

P told me about the senate hearings and I was … well its a good time to remind people that this is the beginning phases still of a pandemic – meaning a global emergency of health….. thoughts or feelings of personal freedom should be a bit more hobbled in the midst of protecting humanity as a whole…. Particularly when the actions are just a little bit aggressive personal protection. Wash hands more, social distance more, wear mask more…. sorta easy no brainer things…. Things “could” get worse, where we had to go thru biohazard tents on the regular or where we had to “consume things” to protect us on the regular…. These are the happy go lucky “easy” things….. Think does it really hurt me? If the answer is no, probably should just do it and STFU — its like seat belts – sure it was a damn sight of a infringement on “personal freedom” — but personal protection was “mandated” — wear your belt or else!

Its like the old adage that you can’t teach stupid – you can teach ignorance, if its willing and wanting to learn – but you can’t teach stupid. Sad to me that so many of the people elected to “represent us” are stupid. I’m sorry but not listening to the sound advice of a scientist that is actively studying a disease is … well stupid. Its like saying “come tell me what to do” … and then saying “no I don’t want to do what you say” …

Crazy times we live in. But then 🙂 we are alive to appreciate them.

Got a gift/present yesterday of a super cool backpack that was donated to the patients at center I go for treatments – it was so thoughtfully put together and has some really neat items to help you “feel better” while your doing icky things. Thoughtful people to build these, and really fun things.

So many blessings all over my world – so thankful for the people in my life that have gotten and are getting the vaccines this week. So hopeful that the other precious people in my life will be vaccinated soon.

Thank you universe for filling me with hope, inspiration and above all happiness. I am grateful for each ray of sun I am able to experience, and for each bright thing that fills my days.

Life is good.

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