Hope springs eternal

This is a day of hope for me. I didn’t realize how much I was worried about a few things that suddenly just went right with the universe.

I feel empowered, haven’t felt that way in a bit – it helps that doc saw belly button and says “Oh it looks normal” …. Yeah team!!

Also curious call from infusion nurse asking me “does enhertu chemo cause hair loss?” … apparently I was only patient taking it, and now there is a second lady that starts this week – and I’m like …. “yeah, there are so many things in my case, however I’d be inclined to believe/think, that while it doesn’t cause “hair loss” it does cause hair thinning” — I mean I’ve been on this drug for over a year – and I still have hair – but its hard to say if the thinning is from the other medcines I’m taking or from this chemo.

Go figure, thin hair is the last of my concerns.

Had another friend that never cuts his hair mentioned he got his hair cut, and now he has perpetual bed head – we can be twins lol – I will say perpetual bed head is how I feel – its super thin but more concerning is its propensity towards being anima – I feel I’ll need to adopt an anima expression soon.

Funny thing happened while I was cooking P’s weekly jalapeno poppers. I have to be careful usually when I cut the jalapenos – which I did — however, this time one of the seeds some how ended up with alot of the oil up my nose – I’ve never had a seed up my nose, but when I blew out the nose from the oil being so so potent – there it was…. apparently I decided my lungs were a good place to grow jalapenos! — I’ll share my lungs with nightshade plants!

Well, as you can imagine it was a long time to get the oil/heat gone, I had a tear fest that lingered for hours.

On the plus side the bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers turned out no worse for wear – in fact they turned out super yummy – apparently Costco is the bacon place from now on.

Last night we were talking, and I offered to get P some peeps. They are hands down one of those “things” that he just loves. We were talking, and apparently the “chicks” are supposed to be ONLY yellow – and the bunnies ONLY pink…. all other peeps are suspect. Now here is hoping instacart knows the peep doctrine/rules.

The lady next door – I call her the crazy lady – maybe I’m just not comfortable with neighbors as a whole – cause I’ve never had ones I didn’t find ….. crazy, in one way or another – but she is cutting her lawn today, which its a little early in the season – but I was noticing we are growing “lettuce” of weeds right off our porch – I blame winter blizzard 2021 for this.

I’m thankful that the universe has gifted me with so so many blessings today – thank you thank you – I’m grateful for the people in my life that hung the moon and make life worth experiencing.

Got to see my nephew this weekend – he is growing so fast, his smile just brings sunshine to my life. It was an amazing visit.

I’m so glad life is allowing these things.

Life is good.

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