Rollin rollin rollin

No I’m not talking about the drug analogy – more the old west one if keep those wagons rollin – raw hide.

This day and age is just filled with so so so so many moments of brief chaos that force attention to something that really doesn’t matter but requires immediate attention. Luckily! I have been overwhelmingly blessed for all of these things to be super super small and innocuous – here is praying hard that while we must endure time in this chaos, that my struggles continue along this path . Thank you Universe!

Today was no exception – mom took me to appts for things, and we stopped to pick up lunch for P from his favorite burger joint – as I was carrying the bag back to the car and had the car door open – the bag split and the entire contents spilled all over the floor and seat.

Thank you for incredible customer service!! I walked back into the establishment and showed them the sad sad empty bag with the split on the bottom; they immediately asked for the name on the order, reprinted the ticket and remade the order. WOW! So so easy. They took time to make his food, I took time to clean up mom’s car – and we met in the middle – new food was all ready by the time the car was cleaned.

Of all of the millions of crossed wires possible in the midst of this, I’ll gladly enjoy taking my lumps in this form and be overly thank ful for stellar customer service, and overly grateful that was almost easier for this whole process / resolution as I had expected just the order to be. …. Go figure for exceeding expectations.

This is just one in a myriad of so so many its not worth giving name to them – but Together we get to be human, we get to find joy amongst unexpected un planned things – and we get to see people working to help people’s lives be better one meal at a time. Provided thank you feedback to Five guys for incredible staff.

Got to spend time with Mom which is always a treat, we found and explored a new way to get to my appts, and the best part was we found it ourselves! This is sometimes a challenge but we had extra time to explore today, and it turned out to be a huge win.

Wins all around. Life is good.

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