Ahhhh wheaties

So I’m starting with the breakfast of champions – not in the world, but with the adage – breakfast has always been a winner pure and simple for me, when dinner or lunch or snacks have let me down, breakfast has risen to the champion and many foods try to reign supreme.

Its like “iron stomach” vs “iron chef” – which taste will win today.

I guess since I’ve fallen for the “breakfast of champions” I have to give a kudos to the marketing people who created a life long winning strategy – if it didn’t sell breakfast cereal it did manage to wiggle a place into my brain and honestly likely my heart, because Breakfast IS a champion.

We are having a difficulty with the stores we shop at being all out of Organic dairy products – specifically half and half which I use for my coffee – the non organic has something quite unsettling and due to conditions right now, there aren’t alot of options without sugar that taste “good” non dairy – West Soy is one of the few, but then thats one of those battles of the hatfields vs the mccoys whether soy is “good for me or not” … .Plus honestly, I get tired of it.

I’m wondering — did the organic dairy cows suddenly suffer because of the pandemic? Or did their food become too scarce? Or maybe they didn’t receive government free money? Just a little curious about this, its been a scarcity for a bit, but now its just an empty cabinet at the store.

I suppose its me learning to temper my curiosity that has prevented me from jumping head first down this rabbit hole of research – have so many rabbit holes going right now, its starting to look like the front yard of Rabbit – when all the other animals ate up his farm. (go go winnie the pooh reference)

New oncologist is going to try and …. be crafty – and …. get me to do scans earlier, so that they become earlier and earlier…. she has a plan for this, I can giggle about it – because I like her, she is like me…. we will just nudge, nudge, nudge – eventually we will persist and our way will be the boss. Not so in this case, I have a plan that has stood the test of my time with this and its going to continue – The end of the month is when she can have her lb of flesh – I suppose thats a bit harsh, “new scans”

I’m feeling a bit more feisty today than usual – we will chalk it up to really looking forward to talking to my psychologist, there are a few things I need to toss around a few thousand ways with her listening to see if anything sticks – there are some things I’m just not able to see a perspective on that are nagging at me.

It also doesn’t help that its cycle time and eye time is back, not as bad as before, slightly different but still after the vimpat – good news have the neurologist Thursday.

So many days, so many doctors. Not complaining but its pretty amusing to me when I get so so excited about a “day off” — Wed this week is my “day off” …. its not really a day off, because I suppose in my current “working on xyz” thing a day off would be death – but thats too morbid to give thought to … so we will call it a vacation from all the hard work I’ve been putting in…. Here is hoping the next scans, when I finally get them scheduled and taken are showing even better result than the last.

Here is hoping that talking thru a few things helps me clear my thoughts enough to have a bit more peace about them.

Here is hoping I have an amazing day – since I started with an amazing breakfast 🙂

Life is good.

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