The first spark

New “things” – not just the material ones, but the ideas and the hopes, and the dreams – “things” in the ethereal sense meaning above and beyond as well as here and below. — I’m super glad to be able to have “new things”….. Today this manifest as an itching idea for breakfast.

We will see in a bit how it turns out – I sliced the onion and am cooking the bacon on top of it – might be just not feasible, but it could be amazing – we will see in another 20 minutes when it finishes.

These are the things that put a bounce into my getting out of bed. There is alot to be grateful for — So many people I adore in my life – but these new things – they are the spice. They kick my life up a notch – and I am so so thankful to be able to be inspired to get them.

Started back supplements today! Yeah team! – I have to stop them before and right after the chemo – its not so much that I “have to” so much as – probably a smarter/better choice. Yes, lets let the toxic chemicals do all their responsibility before we flush them out of our body forever. Seems legit.

Was presented, yesterday, with two opportunities to “not multitask” – and I failed. I “tried” … and was literally very unsuccessful, as well as making myself extremely exhausted to the point of naptime – and frustrated at my inability – these are poor choices. Its just challenging for me to remember that I need to be making smarter choices and just nip these rabbit holes of multitasking in the bud.

In hindsight, while I see pathways for the one, I’m still working on pathways for the other, so until I can see them to follow probably better to avoid them. It was one of those things that leading up to it I heard the “dum dum dum” music playing in my head and at the time I didn’t understand it – Hindsight is so thoughtful to place musical points in the score of life.

Speaking of music – had a very sad moment the other day – its still rattling around in my brain and I’m certain I’ve blogged already about it, so in the effort of not duplicating I’ll just put a pin in the fact that the 93 year old man that invented the cassette tape passed away. This is sad to me, because this was a revolution in something that now we take for granted almost – with the ability to have music portable — would the universe have moved us directly to digital if we had never invented cassettes? Its possible but I feel that the bread crumbs from this creative inspiration are what lead alot of other people to invent other things that pulled us thru this transition.

Babysteps are alot easier to take then giant leaps. When the right brothers were creating methods to fly – they weren’t trying to get to the moon or the stars, they were trying to see the landscape and move more quickly. Its a good thing their invention moved from one step to the next – It honestly feels like we skipped a few steps in this progression from personal transport to mass transport – and we are perhaps not as rich for passing by this path. Think of the jetsons and personal flying vehicles.

Its going to be a great day, even if the daylight savings time is still mucking with me for the lost hour – I guess it will be there to enjoy with my pumpkin pie in the fall.

Life is good.

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