the Man

This expression has so many meanings for me, as a woman – woah man….

Lately, or right now specifically its indicitive of the same thing I’ve been considering recently – tech does NOT really often save us time. Today, perfect example….. we had “brown outs” …. meaning surges – just enough of a power surge to “break” the internet. Not turn things off, just break the internet – must be time to replace the router right?

About the time it would come back up — oh its time for another flash…. We have battery back ups ? Why is this happening? How is this even possible – oh wait Tech to support the tech from the electrical pulse…. hrmmmm — Oh wait, we didn’t have the “cable modem router” on back up….

Well we fixed that –0- but wait there is more! Time for cable people to be “fixing” something in our neighborhood and take everything out.

Yeah okay so what part of the tech is making my life so much easier?

I know I’m making a hasty generalization from the perspective of angst – I’m willing to own this …. but its kinda like the conversation P and I had recently about these wonderful “appliances” ….

The dishwasher for example — if you have to prewash the dishes — and then wash them, as well as load and unload them …. and dry them…. where exactly do you save time? Where do you save money too, because these things take alot of water and power to run. If it can’t do its “one job” of cleaning my dishes – its time to go buddy. You had one job.

We have talked a bit lately about the generational difference between folks – since many of the people P is working with now are “the new generation” …. this isn’t a judgement as good or bad, just a observational statement of the obvious.

He was explaining how to test a thing, how to dig in and go backwards to find the problem – rather than identifying a problem and throwing it over the fence, hoping someone else will fix it.

There is no one else to do your job. You have a purpose on this planet, there is a reason you are here, to love life – and even in these monetary driven times there is a purpose your being paid for, doing it to the best of your abilities is soul feeding. We need things to feed the soul more, it gets hungry.

I made a new playlist – somehow digging into holes I haven’t visited in a bit, helps me realize I’m still at the top, and still strong enough to dig.

Life is good.

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