I like pie

That is not to say I dislike cake – cake has its place, particularly when its fried in a pan – but I digress.

I’ve often used pie as an analogy for life – the part of the pie we understand, the part of the pie beyond us, and the part of the pie that other people bless us with their knowledge.

I like pie. I mean literally I love pumpkin pie, but I’m also pretty fond of most fruit pies, and pretty much “pie” – because its bread and filling whats not to love – its like a non-hispanic version of empanadas. Which I personally find genius – from the perspective that they figured out to make a pie portable without wrapping it up – its self contained. All the love, none of the wrappings and mess – well different sort of mess.

Today is the day before chemo. Always pretty pensive on this day – this time is no exception. Many thoughts are all singing to be at the forefront of my head. I’m having to remind them “slow down, life is to be savoured”

Last night, I had many dreams about taking trips to all the places in the world I really really want to see. Microsoft graced me this morning with – well a picture of one of the places that has been on my list but is more than a little problematic; it has one of the largest buddhist temples in the world. Its not exactly for the temple that I wish to travel to Indonisia, but its many reasons – mostly to be surrounded by the people that live near all these amazing temples all the time. I want them to share their pie with me.

Had the weirdest thing happen – my french press broke. The glass on the container broke – a large pie shapped chunk broke off making the vessel dangerous and not usable. Of course, I discovered this after I’d pooled my activation energy to brew my morning coffee – its an especially low energy day. Anyone who knows me …. will understand the sheer travesty of this – its not as if I don’t have caffeinated alternatives, its more that coffee is my passion and my goto beverage of chose. It helps me feel awake, alive, and part of the community that is the whole of our world.

P in his infinite wisdom (this is still after so many years of marriage a blissful surprise to me when I stumble across one of these nuggets of wisdom) had a spare. Coffee,morning, generally my pie – was saved by his grace and forethought. Coffee was had by all.

Today I’m using my laptop to write this – its something I haven’t really done since my last trip – its such a great devise and one I’ve enjoyed having for so many years – I had forgotten the amazing music I have on this machine – so its also tickle my ears day – because I found some old mixes by one of of my favorite artists – they are techno that is over an hour long (concerts really) – its music I use when traveling because its soothing and focusing at once.

Now if Starbuck will just be content we will all be super good. Coffee in hand, music in head and a day filled with amazing surprises to enjoy.

Maybe Indonesia will come another day if I can figure out how to overcome the challenges of traveling as a woman to a country that is less safe for my sex.

Life is good.

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