The clouds in the sky today reminded me of the starting theme song from the Simpsons. It was one of those days today – so perfect in the weather department that you are more forgiving of the horrible allergies looming all over the place.

D came over today to help me whip up a present for T for her birthday this week. Was my first time baking them and they turned out amazing – thank you internets for all the help with the recipes. Reminded me that I really enjoy baking.

P has been feeling down still from his shot – the second one is a beast, I just didn’t realize how much of how crappy I was feeling was actually from the vaccine vs all the other things. Sometimes its hard to keep straight what exactly is making me feel miserable, and alot harder to not say anything or whine about it because it was pretty icky.

Starbuck has been so cute lately – he was laying with his favorite toy – which happens to be this stuffed hedgehog I had to do surgery on the other week. I used some yarn to stitch up a patch he had broken into the inside. I saved the hedgy but apparently my stitching wasn’t the best as there is a tail coming out from the stitching – so the hedgehog now has a yarn tail in the middle. P ordered a spare so the next time we will just swap again – Starbuck is just so sad when we swap – last time it took about two weeks before he finally embraced the replacement. All his good smells were gone from the new one.

Seems I also broke one of P’s camera things <again> this time, its not fixable. I am not certain how this happened – its a camera on his go bag. I took the bag to the car and somehow it broke the camera off the bag and apparently this is the second time I’ve done this.

One of the things right now, is the fact that I just don’t remember things. I do recall there was “some other” instance of a discussion about me not being careful enough with his bag – but somehow the why or the reason slipped my mind and the fact that there is a camera attached on the outside also slipped my mind – go figure.

My mind just doesn’t remember things. This is kinda a blessing often – because otherwise I’d probably spend alot of time stressed, worried, concerned, or frightened for the world we live in – but as it is I get to just focus on healing and above all being thankful and happy for being alive.

Sometimes its a concern to me and a thing I’m nervous about – I mean maybe not remembering isn’t a good thing? Maybe I should be concerned with this?

Thankfully my whole life has trained me to use “tools” for the things that need to be remembered / documented….. Like health things, medicines, fluids…. these things I have “tools” that I use to help me make a physical copy of the event so I don’t forget. Mostly put into place when I have found myself not remembering.

P constantly tells me its just getting old – and maybe that is part of the “older wiser” adage – wiser to forget then to recall.

Just know it was super fun to get to spend the day with D today; and her help in making the cupcakes for T was great. The project was a success and a tasty treat was enjoyed by all. More days filled with joy and blessings.

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