Maxing and relaxing

So I’m enjoying some soup I made a few months back and froze – its a potato and kale one with alot of veggies and its just amazing. Just the thing I wanted today. Feeling a little laid back. Had my appts this morning and all of them wanted to shift and rearrange – lets dance people lets dance.

P is feeling … down because of vaccine, will be another couple days and then he will be good as gold. So I made him the poppers we talked about earlier but I didn’t quite get the kitchen cooking bug out of my system – but somehow eating soup I made sorta helps, its like “yeah me”

Last night was sushi night, and tonight is all about soup. Comfort in the tummy somehow makes the comfort around the house amped up it like takes things to eleven.

Got to hang with R & E today a tad on the way to acupuncture. She was missing her mommy and quite vocal about it, but it was nice to know she is related to us with the fact that music soothed the savage beast. She immediately went into quiet dance mode as soon as it was an artist she appreciated. Gotta love this family.

I so enjoy the staff that take care of me at the place I go for treatments. They are so amazing and I’m just blessed to have them in my life. There is always something happy around there, they have a st patty’s day basket right now – which reminds me its right around the corner. Somehow with all the things last year I missed it and this year I intend to make up for lost time.

There is this weird thing where lately I’ve been wanting a glass of wine. Namely a glass of super good merlot – I know its not really great for me right now, as it forces my poor liver to process more things – especially fermented grapes, but somehow it seems “right”? Going to have to pause and pray about this some more.

I am wondering still if any of the wines in my wine fridge are still … well if they haven’t gone to vinegar – its been a few years atleast since I’ve rotated them and on the one hand it might make me sad to determine they have gone, but it also might eliminate the craving to find out they are salad dressing now.

Life is filled with happy people that make me smile – my sister in law has always been one of those peeps, and her daughter is adorable. I sent her some flowers just to let her know she was on my mind and has grown into an amazing woman.

Its amazing to me how quickly that happens from baby to adult in just a few decades.

More time for me to experience this amazing dynamic thing.

Life is good.

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