The songs in my head

Today’s lyric adventure is Ants Marching by Dave Mathews band its one of those songs I’ve always loved but I’m not sure why, the song is NOT all that happy or positive – some how just the fact that the song conveys the truth or honestly in someone elses experience.

Truth is always something that has been a theme throughout my life – its in the name. Its a recent thing for me to release/consider the naivete of my thought to believe that other people hold truth as vigilant as I do.

I can hear truth. Like when someone talks to me, I can tell if they believe what they are saying. Its a gift and a curse. When someone tells you something because they feel it will be “nicer” to say…. so you know its with the best of intentions, but you also know intimately that they are lying to you.

Its been hard sometimes, to hear people lie to me.

Not all experiences are pleasant – Hell I know how horrible alot of them can be, but its amazing to me how much growth comes out of the worst experiences, and I think alot of the songs that most appeal to me, are the ones where someone was writing or singing from their own miserable experience – or the experience of someone they cared about.

Not to mention the fact that Dave Mathews has always been one of those spirits that just sorta …. makes my heart happy. Matthew Mcconaughey is another one….. just people that aren’t perfect, and acknowledge that but enjoy life – they are about the experiences, sometimes good sometimes bad and relishing them.

I’m not really a star struck person – meaning I’m just one of those peeps that could sit down and play rummy or drink coffee with people like this – that are living their passion. Just because they are famous doesn’t make them any more important or valuable than the rest of us – it just makes them famous – and its a blessing and a curse for them. It means that people recognize them when they go about their business, and it means they have extra responsibility to the masses that the rest of us get to avoid. Kinda I feel for them, but then I recall the fact that how they got famous probably generated “things” and experiences for them that I’ll not get to have/share so its a tradeout.

My head has forced me to be very introspective today. — D mentioned yesterday about all the things she would do with another trip to London, and I immediately went out to price it – because it was just such a wonderful experience with her – to watch and see and vicariously experience her joy and her learning – but I think its time to let her have these experiences without my being there. Plus I’m not overall a fan of London. She did mention a few other trips – that might be more up my alley. Mostly its just super enjoyable to watch her be so passionate about trips.

This is not really a safe time to travel. Conditions because of this virus are tenuous, and travel is not really a particularly wise idea yet – but I do have faith that it won’t be ill-advised for ever, just for a bit longer. I’ll get to have some amazing experiences in other parts of the world again soon.

Its a powerful thing, faith. The mustard seed is strong in this one. I have faith that things will progress to a new normal soon, and I’ll be strong enough to thrive in the new normal.

Life is good.

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