Feeling Spicy

Today is all about making things more vibrant. I’m making chai today – which I really haven’t felt like doing for a couple weeks – and its super nice to have the whole house smell so so yummy.

Had an interesting dream last night of making cupcakes for my new sister in laws birthday next week – made enough to spell out happy birthday T – and suddenly realized I’d need like 2 dozen – they were filled and frosted and decorated – it seemed like such a fun thing – but the reality of it well – it maybe a spicy beyond my current level …. I’m currently “cinnamon” and this maybe “Chili Pepper”

I’ve decided all the negativity I’ve felt is doing nothing but taking me off the straight and narrow. So I’m going to address it from the spice perspective and say “don’t care for that spice, lets move along”….. Most spices are so so yummy – but in my life I have found a few that I just don’t enjoy the smell/taste/texture off…. They are usually “okay” if they are hidden in a food so I don’t notice them.

Its also interesting that my spice tastes have changed over time – much like how I didn’t enjoy coffee until my 20s. I wonder if eventually I’ll evolve into a “the spice must flow” creature. Certainly spices make things better.

I started a couple years back making my own “taco” meat – because the taco seasoning has too many preservatives – and I enjoy very much using lentils with the veg and spices – its remarkable easy and extremely satisfying. … Left overs go amazing with eggs.

P goes for shots today. Little nervous about this, but it will be over before its started hopefully and then its one less concern to be had.

Made doctor appts so I’m all set up for another few weeks. Overall, life thngs are progressing as expected.

Need to get someone out here to check our foundation – since it starting to do this “thing like its shifting” … but it could just be the squirrels wintering in our attic again. Its hard to say, thats probably why an expert will tell me again soon.

Saged the house – had been doing that daily but its been a couple weeks and dang it feels so so much better after its done. The lingering smell always is pleasant for me, and the clearing out of old vibes always feels amazing.

Today will be an adventure day, I’m hopeful P makes it done with no incidence and then there will be amazing chai at home to celebrate.

Life is good.

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