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So I’m having a struggle today – where I am trying to actively “forget” I’m now a texan in a state with an incredible stupid governor. Yes, in this case, I will call out someone who is in leadership for making such a dangerously murderous announcement as yesterday – I mean can’t he just have gone to cancun? At this point I feel like Ted Cruz was “less” bad.

In a state that is known to be the “cattle” state – where it is known that herd saturation is 70% you would think that he would have waited until atleast 70% of the state had been vaccinated if he was going to make such a ridiculous and unjustified statement – but no only 25% vaccinated. I mean I know 7M people vaccinated seems high, but the population of Texas is over 30M people governor. Even applying herd logic of 70% we aren’t there yet. If it were your cattle you wouldn’t let them be free, so why are you allowing people – which I’d like to believe you value more highly just die.

My Inner tigger is bouncing. The thing about tigger is he tried everything, everything was “his favorite thing” – and right now, my inner tigger is looking for something, anything to make this right.

Sister showed me a tiktok of someone who recommended applying extra flatulence to the problem, and it kinda made my brain think that maybe I need to gather up some dog poop and package it up real nice to hand to those people who need to be given shit for not wearing a mask.

I mean we all know most politicians are too stupid to do anything else, maybe this is just another case of how ignorant they are…. the problem is the number of honest people that trust and feel they are our superiors. That they are “incharge”. This is just a mental reminder that THEY ARE NOT. They are just doing a job, and mostly their job is about money, so talk half of what they say and throw it completely out the window, and the other half is immediately suspect – its like the guys selling solar that came to our front door. While I’d love to believe they can do all the wonderful things they say, the reality is I know they can’t so there isn’t much point in my time being spent here.

Tigger and I are going to focus on fun things today. I haven’t decided what those will be, but I’m sure to have them to show for the day. Something unusual and amusing at the end to brighten my life and bring me joy, and help me forget some of the crazy dumb people in the world that have been elected to serve.

Today is a day that is hard to remember blessings. Its hard to remember gratitude. Sometimes these are needed so I can back up and breath and focus on the positive.

P got scheduled for his second shot, so that is off the anxiety radar! Yeah team!

Starbuck’s little bad spot has healed up completely. Another joy to be happy of – happy puppy.

Family are all doing safe, happy and well – life overall is good.

Some craziness is to be expected, and I will be like the guy from Dune –

“I will not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear. I will let it pass through me. When the fear has gone, there shall be nothing. Only I will remain.”

The wonderful thing about tiggers, Good start to an amazingly beautiful day.

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  1. I think the actual count is 5.7 million vaccinated, I’m not sure where I got the 7 million number from other than bad news reporting.

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