Sleepy Days

Its a happy tuesday – this was one of those days that I blissfully got to sleep longer. Had a meeting of the mind with my inner child and convinced/bribed/coerced her into going back to sleep around 330 when she decided to wake up and explain to me all the wonderful things today would hold….. She finally fell asleep around 5 and I slept soundly till almost ten. Good Day – long sleeps help alot.

When the cedars finally decide they have populated the planet enough with there joyous yellow spray it will be a much blessed today – but for today and the next few they are on their mission to propagate – its like a frat party of the trees. My poor sinus’s and P’s poor head. Not the most comfortable time in the world – I mean I know its an annual thing, but it just seems to last longer and longer each year – its like the trees held a convention and said “see it works better if we just go and go and go for half the year”….

Had some interesting/weird dreams last night. One of my nieces has been heavy in my heart lately, made a point of sending some sunshine her way today.

One of the other dreams was me giving a financial lecture – which just makes me laugh. I mean I’ve started to understand some of these things, but I wouldn’t say I was any type of a facilitator for teaching other people yet …. but that brings me to another dream where one of my friends who is a teacher was having a sit down card game with me and two of my family members who were also teachers – I guess I qualified to host because of my financial teaching lol – We were talking about conditions in the world. Overall very odd things.

Some days, sleep is just busy like this – where it seems like more work was accomplished than rest. Thankfully not often.

P is finally getting scheduled for his second vaccine and I’m super super happy to hear this, will be better once they confirm his appointment.

Still waiting to hear about my numbers for the week, and to hear back from the doc about the rx change that was put into effect due to mother natures shutting down pharmacies for snow. Overall – I’ve found the supplements I’m taking to be super helpful with generating more good days.

P made a mention last night – well we discussed that I just have intentionally been keeping my circles of exposure to outside content very limited — Makes for alot of time to contemplate the valuable things in my life.

It also somehow acts like a catalyst for inspiring thoughts. When you aren’t thinking so much about other people, you realize how many things you have available to you and what a great thing it is….. I’m blessed this way, to be able to dance around my house and find things to make me happy.

To have people reach out to me to check on me, people that I can send random hugs – is a godsend.

Thank you universe for filling my days with blessings.

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