The path less traveled

Or rather, maybe its the path I’ve traveled less – Learning how to just focus on myself. Kinda put up a box of “this is for me right now” and kinda formed some questions to help me keep straight. “Is it going to help me heal? — Is it going to at all limit my capacity to heal? — Is this any of my business? ” —

I’ve gotten kinda good at asking these questions to help focus my attentions – now we will see how much help I can do myself. — That is to say, wonderwoman has been engaged – its not just for underroos now.

I wonder what travel will look like in a few years. I wonder if airplanes can be solar powered. I wonder if there is a way to filter air on airplanes so that its not enabling virus’s to have a all you can eat buffet – Okay so maybe this is just Alethia insanity again, but I feel like being stuck in a small little vehicle with 200+ people with air that is perpetually recycled is probably almost as bad as those weirdos that wear a mask beneath their nose…. I mean come on guys, its NOT a fashion accessory – and even if it WERE a fashion accessory — would you be wearing one?

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of masks out now that look so so cool, function so cool – they are stellar – its one of the industries/inventions we have to thank for these times, but if for some reason this virus had an “expiration date” on it – like suddenly just disappeared …. because realistically thats the ONLY way things are “going back” in any form to old reality. If suddenly the virus just ceased to be….. would you be found to be wearing a mask? …. I mean its a pretty common thing in Some parts of the world – has been for decades, but it has never made its way into Middle America until now — guess this explains how come we are getting dumber as a country.

I think this probably sounds negative, but I’ve been pondering for many decades actually the reality of the fact that America as a country and populace has been deteriorating intelligently. Meaning to say we are more commonly doing stupid things out of ignorance, and holding more strongly onto incorrect information —– Its like a modern version of the dark ages in a particular angle.

This pandemic is somewhat telling in this regard, just the sheer number of “dumbies” we allow around, and lament about but still permit is just frightening to me – only because they are impacting MY safety. So I’m protecting their freedom at the expense of my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness? — Seems contrary to the intent of this country.

I mean we wouldn’t let any other type of murder run around free — Sure sure, lets protect his right to chose to kill people — I mean jeez, he isn’t killing me so its okay right? …. I’ll just avoid him – he has friends, so its okay that he kills random strangers with his germ warfare right? If it were an axe he was swinging instead of the exposed nose we wouldn’t be so quick to call it “freedom vs murder”

Maybe this is something I just “feel” too much about, I feel – have always felt strongly the need to protect everyone. Those I love first, but always with the greater good in mind. its the antithesis of the mindset I’m trying to cultivate a harmony with inside – protect myself FIRST.

This year could be the one, where people get smarter, stronger, and healthier — they figure out ways to give the virus a eviction notice from the planet (other than vaccines which are a nice start, not a solution) — were greater minds find a way to put a countervirus into play that works to protect humanity while enjoying a feast on this existing one. …. Maybe this is a concept like cancer – where they leverage something in the virus to mutate to a strain that doesn’t harm the human host but mutates the virus into something that fights other virus’s.

Its the world of scifi and higher intellect than my little fluff brain can handle right now.

P and I have a running joke about me going to Linux – because microsoft has just gotten bad. Its firewalls are so — i’m not sure the word to use but frustrating seems appropriate … “You have no access to the internet” says Microsoft on my system — launch bing — oh look internet works…. its magic— you have no access to the internet – Oh look feedback to microsoft works …. internet access is back apparently. ….. When the solution to the internet access is trying to use one of Microsofts inferior products….. It makes one wonder when they got to become the dictator for the internet. …. So the joke is, I’d use Linux – or some other open source software, if my brain weren’t have jello….. watch it wiggle, see it giggle…. so for now, I work on healing and just suffer to the gestapo that is microsoft (and yeah I don’t feel like using the autocorrect to capitalize this because I’m using lowercase to indicate my angst) …. atleast their products can still get past their firewall “enhancements to prevent internets from working”

Overall, when I reflect on things – I am just so thankful, grateful and blessed. Its a crazy, chaotic, insane time that I’m blessed to be here to enjoy and experience — and while the experiences aren’t always the most pleasant in my life, they teach so much – for which I am thankful to be able to learn. My life is filled with superstar friends, that bring me joy and happiness on the daily, and family that are outstanding at reminding me the important things in life.

Thank you universe, for another day to treasure.

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