Dedication to god

This has been spinning around in my thoughts, prayers and meditations alot of late. There is a new niece to consider and I think defining this is appropriate.

After spending a few minutes of web searching, the web is lacking a good definition of “what” a dedication to god actually “is” – so I figure its about time it had one.

First and foremost what it is NOT. A dedication to god is not about religion. Every religion has its own gods, own believes, and its own pantheon of hierarchy that is limiting. While a dedication to god IS limiting, its not in this sense. It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with spirituality.

There is a huge difference between religion and spirituality, that is a digression from this post, but also important for clarification. Google provided a resourceful and helpful link that “seems” on first and second pass as being in line generally with my feelings on this issue, so link is here:

Generally religion is the organization of people thru shared and common believes, rules and requirements/obligations. Spirituality is the individual understanding and relationship with god the universe and everything after – (props to Douglas Adams and his very spiritual universe)

Its worth mentioning for two factors, I feel qualified to write and discuss this topic as an individual that was dedicated to god as a babe, and one that has felt its influence throughout my life, and have discussed this with fellow individuals dedicated to god. And second, its been a guiding subtle influence thru the entirety of my life.

There is a spiritual profoundness in the sense of the universe, where a soul comes to learn and experience. However one feels this occurs, is manifest, or the path that is followed, there is a pattern and a sense to it. A logic.

Breaking down this definition into two parts “dedication” and “god” might help a little.

Dedication first. According to several sources, and google in particular a dedication is a commitment to a task or a purpose. Like when a “church” or “building” is dedicated, blessed, sanctified, or otherwise celebrated. A sense of “what” what go on…. how it will be perceived, and the path it will lead are somewhat “given” in this moment. When a dedication is planned, its with intent of “stating” to all who are there, and who attend both physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise that there is a identified reason for existence of this thing, and that it is known and agreed upon by all present.

God is a little trickier. It touches into alot of belief systems. Maybe god is as the christians believe, or maybe as the hindus believe, or maybe as the atheists believe….. For me, god is the infiniteness¬†of the universe. … Both defying the need and desire for quantification – always growing, always exceeding limits, and manifesting in unique and perceivable ways.

I feel the very essence of god is the fact that there is an inability to limit the definition of god by putting boundaries or limits on what its possible to be – that all religious definition are both right, possible and also simultaneously incorrect in the fact that they limit the definition to one set of values….. I also feel that god is the very fact that these very perceptions are in harmony and balance – not disunity. Its like making a PB&J – the bread (carb) maybe different, the butter (fat) maybe different, the sweet (jam) maybe different but generally its all the same and what “works” for you is likely very different from what “works” for me – but we are both still in pleasure with our pb&j.

So a dedication to god is sorta like a commitment to living the best life, the joy of life, the harmony of life – the life the soul decided to be born into at this moment in time.

Its sort of a humbling sense of leading one back to the happy path of life when the curves come nonstop, and letting the universe provide clear safe routes to enjoy the experiences one was hoping to experience at the time of being conceived and joining into that body.

It comes with its own set of protections in the form of guardians to guide, and advise. This does not prevent one from choosing to do other things more makes the beacon of life more defined like the lighthouses on the horizon of the old seas. Sure the seas are still amazing, wonderful and treacherous – but the lighthouse helps one avoid the rocks along the shore to make it back safety to whatever port one was aiming towards.

It provides a harmony within to allow one to know there is a reason and a purpose, and that you are more than a lemming in this grand thing called life, but rather an important contributor and experience maker for others as well as controller of your own.

My own experience has led me to meet amazing people. To have amazing experiences. To avoid many traumas, to safely navigate very treacherous waters, and come out poised for the next experience. Semi-charmed sort of life.

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