Days of Rest

The wind chimes – really nice set I got after seeing them a few years back at a Ren faire – they are huge, and the sounds are just incredible, plus I really love the name of the creator Fire Fly Studios – were blowing this morning.

As I have like six different sets of chimes on my back porch, when the wind blows, the sound is quite a cacophony of music. Its as if the wind were creating a special melody just for me – an audience of one.

There are many things in my life that I have that bring me great joy or satisfaction. I’ve learned that the more you surround yourself with these types of treasures, the greater your pleasure as you move thru your day.

We went to bed early, and somehow this set an alarm with my head that it was time to rise earlier. Although, pleasantly not as early as last week.

This is a week of rest – a couple of treasured days free of appointments, where time can come and go at a leisurely pace. Throughout my life, these types of days have been a struggle, but I’m learning to find not just the joy but the bliss in them.

So many days right now are filled, with running or errands, or chores or just things in general – many of which are not overly the most pleasant. Days of rest are fairly infrequent, and they are a treasure.

The sun will be up soon, and I’ll get to relish in the beauty of an amazing sunrise – the weather wizards from their powerful resources, have predicted another week of ultra cold for us next week – but this week, the weather is so amazing – its cool but warm and just light.

Its as if nature took a deep breath and is relaxing and sighing to let it out slowly.

Its an amazing thing how the small easy to overlook things become so easy to relish in the moments like this of relaxing. A warm cup of coffee, a strong breeze blowing the chimes, and a sun peeking thru the horizon.

Happy days of bliss.

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