Gentle Reminders

I feel, daily, that I’m on the right path, that things are going the correct direction and that generally – yeah only generally I am human after all – I’m doing the right and powerful things. I’m healing.

Its easy, particularly in these times, to let little things become like some huge army road block, where “non shall pass” – where I’m like the black knight holding up a strong position for the incorrect reasons.

Its also worth mentioning, that when you are so focused in your intuition, when you are letting things guide you along your path – when you trip over a tiny rock – it suddenly feels much more strongly impactful – feels like falling off a cliff – instead of barely missing a beat.

For me, its super important to be mindful of this, and to enjoy my brief reveling in the positive, and to let go the negative. The more I forget this, or stray from this lesson – the more the universe gentle pulls me back and gives me another rock to trip over so I can practice.

Thank you Universe, I’m learning – i’m trying to minimize the time that I feel I’ve fallen off the cliff and realize — “I got this” — I’m trying to remember the sheer bliss of the little things. ….

Had the surgery – and had “Donald” (aka wound vac) and “Lump” (aka wound drain) removed on Monday – a week after surgery and was able to take a real shower for the first time since the surgery and My GOSH it was like the sky opened and rainbows poured out – it was the most incredible feeling. The little things are so so substantial.

The wounds look great, healing and achy a bit but doing so much better.

Overall, I’m doing pretty okay – there are minor ups and downs, but overall more ups – progress is moving the correct direction. Looking forward to being an aunt again sometime soon when my new niece decides to grace us with her presence…. Overall 2020 is finishing with the same sense of blessing and gratitude as it started.

One thought on “Gentle Reminders”

  1. 🌻Every action is magnified this year. I am truly grateful to be sharing in this decade of Gratitude with you! I am very glad you are sharing these snippets with us❣️🌻

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