Blessings instead of sheep

This is a song I’ve long loved – and a version of it that is by that great vocalist himself, Bing Crosby Count your blessings

I have found, that no matter how awake I am, that if I start to pray and count my blessings and gratitudes – it helps me somehow magically happily drift off to pleasant sleep. Being thankful seems to be the magic voodoo to help.

There are, however, times when I’m awake or awakened by nature or the call of nature outside of my house in loud hoots or rumblings that I have found it challenging to return to this blissful sleep.

Sometimes the blessings, prayer and meditation work to let me return to slumber. Sometimes I just feel there is too much life to be experienced to go back to dreams.

This is one of the latter times. It’s one of those times, when my blessings are boiling over, and I feel the need to share them.

There are so so many things to be grateful for today. Its going to be a beautiful day, and a wonderful fall Texas day at that…. I’m doing well, recovering brilliantly as expected from this surgery. Healing well, and progressing at a faster than anticipated pace.

I am surrounded by friends, loved ones, and spiritual reverence to protect my body, mind and spirit.

The world is protected by the spirit, energy and love of so many souls praying and receiving hope and guidance.

I’m blessed with a beautiful garden, filled with growing things both in the front and rear of my house. New rosebuds, and the promise of the first sprig of jasmine buds to come, Mandarin oranges that are on the verge of turning that golden orange, still softly orange mostly yellow – just enough to let you know they are coming.

A wonderful husband, who is resting his head peacefully still in bed. A spunky pup keeping him company along side – although truth be told, he keeps making loud noises in there to let me know he would be willing to come play with me if I need.

A safe home, with good neighbors, friendly community, close ways of accommodating my needs for life and food.

Assistance with the trials of life, and new blessings on the horizons. All of the wonderful things in my life – my cup truly is exceeding its confines with the beauty and hope in my life.

Even my country, which I’ve been worried about seems like it might be receiving extra blessings right now. Change to resolve some misguided direction, and to put some hope abounding – some positive voices into the air to guide us to heal as a nation.

Blessings all around. It doesn’t make the trials, the work, the struggles any less – they are still on the path, but knowing all the good, all the amazing, all the unexpected, the sheer joyful bliss in my life – somehow puts the other things into a little bit more manageable state.

Today is a day of rest, a day of relaxation, revitalization, and healing – a day of hopeful optimism and perseverance that things are getting better.

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