Sometimes, just gotta watch the sunrise

Its a thing for me, that I love watching sunrise – sunset also enjoyable, but not quite the overflowing possibilities that sunrise holds. While its not that I at all doubt the fact that it will rise, and that another day will start, somehow it has always been something of a comfort for me, to watch it happen.

To feel a part of that moment. The moment when you see the sun crest the horizon, and know its path, know how and where and why its going. The complexity of its rise, and yet the utter sheer joy of its simplicity.

The culmination of these two enigmas into one, and the sheer layers of complication able to be built on such a simplistic and beautiful happening – well its kinda the quintessential reminder to me that no matter how daunting things feel or seem, no matter how complex the problem I struggle with at the moment….. Life goes on – and in the words of Scarlett o’Hara – Tomorrow is another day.

Enjoying this pleasure of greeting the day at its start – is just something that feels right. Like brushing my teeth morning and night…. sure there is an argument for doing it more frequently, after ever meal, there is also a counter argument for doing it less frequently…. However, twice per day is comfortable and feels right for me.

I don’t always get to greet the sun, but when I do, it always satisfies me in a way that little other things can. It’s like a warm hug from nature. Fresh snow, or that feeling of the flakes on my face is a similar satisfying feeling. Soft rain on an overly dark and cloudy day that was a “wait” for it sort of day before….. Its like the culimination of the infinity of the universe into a tiny little thing…. Reminds me of the line from the Disney Movie Aladdin, where the Genie says “Infinite cosmic power…. Itty Bitty Living space” – in reference to the fact that he can do anything, but he is confined to the realm of the lamp and the restrictions it holds.

The universe also is just like that Genie – while its perpetually growing, it’s also constricted by fundamentals that might as well be the lamp. It’s amazing to me that we get to be its master so much of the time, by just remembering its there, and taking a moment to smell the roses so to speak.

Slept well last night, in part to new pillows P got me a month or so back – they are memory foam – so I let them fully expand, plus they were … well I’m a creature of habit when it comes to things like pillows — I’m also sorta the princess in the pea from the perspective that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my extra pillows -extra fluff…. so I was skeptical of these new pillows. Finally this week, I gave them a whirl – while the verdict isn’t out completely on them I will say…. they are more firm than they first seem on head impact. They also seem to forget that I’ve slept with them after I rise, and go back to being these huge balls of fluff in my bed which is quite enticing from a sleep perspective. There is alot of joy to be had by that first flump feeling of landing on a pillow.

While there is still “healing” aka (aches and pains) from the surgery — overall I’m starting to recover pretty well. Its a slow process, and I have to keep reminding myself to slow down – always one with the need for speed.

There are so many good things abounding in the world right now – watching and sharing in these is somewhat encouraging that humanity is working together more, and that people are realizing the value of love.

We got some sandwiches yesterday from a place called “Ike’s Love & Sandwiches” and I have to say, not only were the sandwiches pretty good, the motto of the company on the bag was so incredible, they will definately be a go-to for us.

Quote: “Ask yourself: Would you like to lead the world to love itself through sandwiches, or would you rather just work at a restaurant that happens to make great sandwiches” …. Even now re-reading it, just makes my heart soar…. “Love then Sandwiches”

I’ve always had a special place for appreciating people in their passions, and finding ways to support that passion and help it prosper, and spread to others. This brightened up my whole afternoon yesterday – not to mention the good foods were a boon too.

Rising early is one of those things I get to balance right now. Due to the chemical explosion within my body, it happens sometimes that the little girl in me will not be stopped – she will be vehement about rising to greet the sunrise….. well, mostly she just wants to get up and play….. and sometimes the other parts of me can coax her back into rest, into sleep — but then there are days like today – where the sun will be rising in a bit, and I’m planning to greet it.

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