Bust a move

Today I’ve been a busy little bee. Clean up, clear out and work work work – do the hustle and all other sorts of shuffle things.

Cleaned up a few things, got alot of hugs from family (always a good thing), fixed up some breakfast and coffee for family and cleaned up stuff after. Taking care of P as he recovers, to ensure he moves, but not too much.

Will be glad when Nov comes, particularly after Nov 3 – both for my “election of surgery” and for the other one too.

Life has been a very good thing lately for me. So many little reminders of how I’m doing great. How things are moving along if I just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Little somewhat less unpleasant reminders of the fact that I’m not alone, and that everyone is going through something – mine is neither bigger, nor smaller – just my own. Lots of opportunities to help boost up people and remind them I’m just another human and they are cherished.

I think people forget they are human. I think that we all forget that we share the same air, the same water, the same space – its good to just gentle remind each other that there are more of us here together than any other time in history and its so much more important to check in with each other and make sure that we are all doing okay.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go see some of my favorite people at the Oncology places I visit – while its Friday for them; its also the busiest time. I watched the front desk person at the place as I waited patiently get overwhelmed and rushed by no less than 15 people in the ten minutes I was there – usually they have four people in that space, and there was just her – until another lady came back from …. somewhere else? and immediately set to work to help — but it was clearly not her normal place.

Its remarkable easy to identify when someone – a fellow human is overwhelmed. That look and vibe of held in frustration balanced with exhaustion and sadness. That look of pleading for humanity. I looked over, after I had been checked in – and watched as she was bombarded again and again with just a barrage of people and issues – she is the front line, and has to handle both all of the checkins, the deliveries, the phones, the questions that need to get routed both to nurses, schedulers and others – she is the first line of introduction, and the last line. This lady usually is one of the happiest and kindest soft spoken folks, but it was quite clear she was at the end of the candle yesterday.

I reached out as she took a breath and happened to look up and did my arms wrapped around in a “virtual hug” that I typically do to ALL of the staff, and most of the folks I encounter these days …. if I can’t do the real thing, I will absolutely damn sure send energy ones. I told her, since she looked briefly perplexed – “virtual hug” – she instantly visable relaxed. I don’t know if she was expecting me to be attacking or what, but she replied with a “Boy I needed that” and she suddenly had just a little more spunk, a little more energy to help her get through the next three hours – of her long long week.

While I don’t know what troubles other people are going thru – that old adage “do unto others”…. sticks heavily in my mind. I’d ALWAYS like a virtual hug – so I figure its the least I can do for every other person I encounter…. Particularly the ones that are clearly, most evidently in need. It may not be the “surgery” of the fix – but its damn sure the triage. My thought is, if I can help someone hold out a little longer, maybe either the universe will perform the surgery that will help with a better solution – or atleast I’ll stop the bleeding long enough for them to seek “professional help” – whatever that is in this day and age.

As I’m doing the hustle and busting a move – as I continue to do things as I can today – I’m very grateful for all the bandaids other people have put on me to help me get to today. To help me continue fighting, and winning. Love life, love all the people in my life – and I even love my struggles – because they are and have been teaching me how strong and how much I can do. Exceeding my own expectations.

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