The pink taking over the world

We went to Starbucks today – and in the line was this … Pink … car. Not Mary Kay Pink – which is more like pink panther – this was a little more purple, It was an incredible distinctive car color.

Staring at this car – as it happened to be in front of us – I was struck that it “seemed” like the same color as some fictional cartoon character – but as I racked my brain, and solicited P in the hunt – we could not identify which toon might be this color. It was too purple for piglet or a my little pony character. It was sort of the color of the girl mushroom lady from mario brothers, but the accents on the car were black not white so seemed a bit off.

I’m not sure why this struck me so much – my mind kept wondering “why would someone do that” …. It was brought to my attention years ago, and has been more profoundly so this year – that the question “why” is really one of the most unimportant questions one can ask. While it does usually provide some common ground for understanding.

Even if there “is” a specific why that this person would want to drive around in a uniquely pink car…. its probably not something I’d have a basis to relate to anyway – so I should just “love them” for their uniqueness and stop wondering about their life choices.

Speaking of pink… well okay not exactly, but I got these super cool pants a month or so back – they have these amazing flowers on them – and when I ordered them I was unconcerned with them matching because they just had so so many colors in them, I was certain there would be “something” in my wardrobe to match….

Boy was I wrong. Okay wrong is a little to harsh. White and Black match them – well, most of my blacks as the pervasive color in the pants is black its often the case that black does not match black. It does seem that most of mine does match – but its still so much black to wear when the top is black, and the bottoms are black with a pattern.

I thought for certain one of the greens would match, … but the paints are a little more teal than I have, but not the same teal as I have teal of… also the pinks are not the same pink at all – these are more of a coral, which I generally don’t have because its too much yellow and thats just not a good color for me to wear. The browns – surely the browns would match – not so much, I do have one shirt that would match – but the shirt is striped and striped top with a pattern bottom is less than ideal – even if the colors look okay. … But what about the red/maroon you say, surely you have something in that shade, it looks really good on you … Yes, many options – all slightly a different shade then looks best with these pants.

These pants, its worth mentioning are supremely comfortable. They are like I dream of jeanie pants – slightly loose in the legs, with a cuff at the bottom and a cuff at the middle – just so soft and comfy. My white matches, however most of my white shirts at present, are pretty see- which is just not a look that is particularly appealing for a woman my age…. so I’m left/resigned to my black shirts.

Aha for something of the right shade of pink….

S started me on this new game last night. I’m struggling, because its a storyline I’m not really finding satisfying at all. Perhaps its just early in the game, but man its like “really? this is so so dark right now”…. I generally don’t like scary content – finding too many scary things in life in general, and particularly right now, in 2020 in life. So while games “should be a reflection of life” IMHO – they should be a reflection of the best of life – NOT the worst. They should be the happy go lucky feel good things, that we just can’t get enough of….

Or atleast that is my opinion. Feels a little bad to leave my friend hanging though … since we started this game together, so I have to figure out a way to suck it up buttercup and just see if the game gets redemption later. (Balders Gate 3)

There was the coolest work of art? at the nurses station for my favorite nurse last friday — they had taken all the cards and notes they had received, and made a cabinet collage with them at the nurses stand – it was just beautiful. I asked the ladies about it, and they explained it was cards they had gotten over the years. I was so inspired it made me want to send more cards, to help fill their beautiful collage with more pretty notes.

I can see this being a light in the dark for them – a place they could turn to when the day was grey and filled with not shiny happy things – to help brighten things up. Nurses work hard, this is a loveless job – even in the best of times. I wish there were more I could do to help fill them with sunshine on the regular.

Its one of those times of year, where I feel like we all need a bit more sunshine. The day was particularly grey and gloomy looking today. It IS supposed to get super cold over the next couple, so here is hoping that we get a little pretaste of winter our way soon.

There are just so many things to be thankful for – as we drove today and enjoyed the wide open spaces along 130 – from one appt to another – I was struck by how much the area has changed, and how many more people live here now then 20+ years ago when we moved to Texas. While I won’t say Texas will be my forever home – I’m still stubborn enough to believe in the possibility that “go west” still applies to me. – it is my home now …. and “Yall” can just hug me and bless my little heart.

Gratitude for another Monday, gratitude for friends, family and loved ones. Gratitude for overcast gloomy days that help water the plants and the trees, and remind us that there will be sunny bright ones again soon. — Gratitude for Pink skies – well, and Pink cars, that make me think.

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