The Pinwheels of life

This has been a super busy week. Filled with rollercoasters. First is the discovery that I’ll be doing surgery on election day. Apparently this infection does have a known common root cause, and now it is going to be plucked out like the small bug it is…. or atleast thats the theory.

Second the rocking ship of the test results. Mostly good – CT & bone scan showed clean (other than the belly button which is the infection) – and the MRI showed no new growth but the three stubborn things left did increase a little from July – though not as large as April so its a little difficult to say why the seem bigger.

Third is the pause of chemo – need to give my body a few weeks in between treatments for the surgery – so I get a cycle reprieve.

Fourth is P having some unexpected snafu things – that are both pro and con. We will see how they flesh out, overall just keeping a close watchful eye on him.

My imagination always works overtime. Both for the good and the bad of that. I’ve had some truly bizarre dreams this past week. “Take it to you Bob” – the price is definitely right, but its now Drew Carrey which I don’t know if that makes it better or stifles some of his insanely incredible inspiring comedy.

Everyone keeps waiting for 2020 to hurry up and end – but the fact is we bought tickets for a full decade. Its started out rocky but we have learned so much, and there is so much more to go.

Found an adorable mountain village in Germany that has the coolest holiday traditions – I wonder how cov things will impact them. Also realized I had such an incredible time in Germany its fair to say I’m missing it.

Revisiting things, is part of this pinwheel. Go backwards to go forward on the wheel… where things just keep spinning, just keep spinning.

I am so blessed to have so many people in my life I cherish. They bring a smile to my face, and a bounce to my step as I navigate through this sometimes tumultuous course.

I tried my hand at pimento cheese yesterday – it was “one” of the six or seven things I cooked – got on a spree and felt the need to just let it out in a whirlwind – and things were produced. Pimento cheese is alot easier than expected and I have to say, my homemade one is so so much better than any I’ve ever bought. it was actually pretty easy to make – the cuisinart did all the heavy lifting – and if it weren’t for the fact that I tried to “half” the recipe – it would have been so fast, I had to let it mix a little longer because it was so much less and my cuisinart is so much more. In the end, we triumphed, and it turned out just amazing – I think peppers with cheese is a tad hard to mess up, but I can’t imagine most people realize the small list of ingredients in this, or there would be pimento cheese parties and competitions. I could see the “challenge” type thing for this.

Its been pointed out to me by the stars that I’ve officially tasked P with making me smoked turkey on his birthday. Happy 50th – smoke me a turkey biotch. Its not what I’ve intended, however, I do want him to smoke a turkey – he does enjoy the satisfaction of it – and I have been rambling/struggling in the head with what to do with this birthday of his for months now with no clear answer in mind. Yes, I care – go get in the kitchen and make me some pie – well a turkey 🙂

Originally, I’d picked out a thing for him – well he picked it out and thought it was too pricey so I told him to get it for his birthday/christmas/anniversary and would be great, but it turned out to be sold out by the time he tried to fire the thing for the purchase. He is just ridiculously difficult to buy for – because when he wants something, he just gets it.

Its inspiring to see all the wonderful outlets people are finding for their creativity during these isolation times. So many artists are arising from the ashes like phoenix – we apparently are just a culture of birds.

Its time to fly like an eagle and soar like a bird – find some new inspiration in my day. My hawk has been aloft on the heights recently, always popping over to visit now and again. Its a gentle reminder from the universe that things will get better, I just have to stay the course and go the distance.

One thought on “The Pinwheels of life”

  1. You are correct, this is a decade of gratitude. I love reading your thoughts. I have recently seen the photos from your Germany trip. They are beautiful.
    Thank you for continuing to share your journey Alethia.
    Sending you and P much ✨love and light ❣️✨for continued healing.

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