Chords of Harmony

So one of the evidence of progress in our area, is the fact that Friday night, we got to hear a concert…. No, we didn’t attend it….

It played until almost midnight. It was a country concert at the Dell Diamond – and it was so incredible loud we could all but hear the words to the songs here inside the house. Their base was so loud, that it was somewhat vibrating things…. little over half a mile away by bird. Driving, it takes a little longer to get to where the concert was, but birds and music – you know how these things travel.

It sort of made me reminisce both of the concerts I’ve attended, and those I opted to Not attend. Many were loud. Not so loud I’ve felt my ears were in jeopardy – but none were this concert. I literally can not conceive of how loud it must have been inside the actual venue where it was being performed – so loud to be heard half a mile away inside a house.

Also made me a tad mindful of the lesser insulation in our house and that this is something probably we should address. Especially now when its cooler, so as to not be insanely hot for the installers.

I mentioned a bit back about my proclevaty at the present for associating everything to lyrics – some for songs I don’t really recall or remember exactly – so Google has become my “life line” to getting to the song, playing the song and sharing it with P.

Last night it was the song, not the sound that I recalled. We were talking about childhood things – and the “Electric Company” came up in our discussion. I remembered watching them, but couldn’t recall the entire song – just the last words. P went and found it, and while he could recall the name of the show, not the song or watching it. Once he found the copy, and played it, even he was struck by the memories.

Its memories of cartoons only being “available to watch” on Saturday mornings. There was no streaming of cartoons, there was no weekday cartoons – although that came very quickly after when the producers realized the marketing they were missing in the form of figures and other paraphernalia.

So I have taken the red pill, and it has made all the difference. Things seem brighter and happier. Suddenly all has come into focus. Yes, this is metaphor but I’ve decided to leave it at that for the moment. I had tests this past week, results will be coming post haste.

Starbuck has taken to barking at me, when he wants “anything” – he has determined that this is the “way” – I’m working to break him of this habit, and I think it might actually be time to start crating him again… which seemed like an unnecessary thing for a while, but since he has taken to making his own “crate” under my dining room table…. perhaps he won’t be adverse to this idea either.

We are deliberating about how the back room will be done, and whether it should be the chicken or the egg of our house projects – our bedroom being the other. Backroom is … well its alot more empty than the bedroom. However, bedroom is in desperate need of new carpet. The old carpet called me, and said “thats it we are done, we retire” I tried to persuade it by the use of rugs over all entry ways, and covering the worst offender of the spots – but its still folding its arms and say “nah” – I can’t blame it, its done its 20 years, its time. There will be negotians I’m certain over what we get and where we put it…. and it will be a holy hell of a project to “empty” the room and paint so that it will be all fresh. Painting is something I still haven’t gotten P on board with yet.

His comment is “its perfectly good paint, why do we need new” …. and I look at the paint, and I see the stains from age, and I see the wearing on it. And I see how pretty and fresh the paint in other rooms looks…. and I am at a loss how to explain this to someone who doesn’t understand. Its like when you are young and you seriously don’t see why the floor needs to be vacuumed. Or more importantly how some adult can tell that you “did” or “didn’t” do it. Its just one of those mysterious of the universe at that time …. and then you reach that point…. where suddenly you see the crap on the floor and its like “ewe, where have you been hiding all my life”…..

Its not really observation, because as a child, I remember my powers of observation being highly skilled…. like I could tell when were were “going to grands house” or to the “store” or “doctor” by the demeanor of the parent driving, and also “how” they approached the drive. – I guess thats why they call it “animal instinct” — but I didn’t see the dirt, until well into my 20s.

Funny how things happen at different points for different people. I wonder if P will ever see the walls need paint.

When we first moved in here, C/R & I painted a mural thing of flowers on the open window space…. It was so so pretty, and I have loved it for the entire time… however, it really needs either a refresh, to be painted over or “something” – I haven’t decided exactly “what” its going to get, but my mind has been toying with options… that is after the “other” two projects get prioritized and complete.

Life is good.

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