backwards to go forward

Right now, I’m working to reduce my intake of caffeine and also reduce the amount of steroid I’m getting in weekly doses. These two things at once have made a powerful poppy impact on my body. Sleep is just one of things that is coming more and more natural to me right now. While I know that doing these is the right thing, the being so so tired is a bit hard.

Also know its time to get back on the low carb wagon very soon. Trying to moderate the other things first, so as to have a bit more energy to move thru that phase. Have heard from a few friends that its not as miserable the second time, but “not as miserable” does not at all mean its a pleasant experience. The end result will be “good” as it has always been.

Small moves forward, that concept of just keep swimming. On the plus side, my bed and I have taken our relationship to the next level. We are having frequent “sleep overs” now…. I washed the sheets this weekend, and it felt glorious. Something about clean sheets will just always be such an amazing feeling to me. Its like fresh rain, atleast somewhat in a sense.

We did a driving adventure again this weekend – to lake granger. Got to take D with us – it was as always – such an amazing time. The weather here has been so “fall” lately – with the leaves on the trees just beginning to contemplate whether or not its best to stay on the trees…. that contemplation can be felt most acutely by my sinuses.

The trees got a hair cut this weekend also – P took care of this; which is an ideal thing, since he is very critical about who will cut the trees, and what they will do — I always just look for the best price…. He found someone, they agreed on it – and our trees now look quite spiffy with their newly cleared limbs. They seem happier – and our grass is also happier at the new sun its able to get now. The guy was pretty good and also mulched our other trees and my rosemary and roses in the front. The whole yard – both front and back now look all spiffy and ready for “fall” to “fall”

The weather has been just amazing, with the highs in the low 80s and the lows in the 50s – it makes the day just wonderful – and we have had blustery days – the sort where the chimes in the back go off throughout the day, and the wind just keeps everything in flux. Its great for opening windows and airing things out too.

I tried another recipe from my hunts of late for a “breakfast thingie” that doesn’t include eggs – well or atleast doesn’t have them as the main ingredient. This recipe was Oat Bars. At first, they seemed to come out too soft – as they were designed to be more like “granola” style bars. They were tasty, but soft. However, that all changed when I froze them and tried them the next day! Amazing how the freezer can bring out the best in some things…. Freezing slowing things down, and moving it backwards to move it forwards.

May all things move backwards to move forwards as long as it keeps the progress forwards…. may rest be achieved, and gratitude for all the loving people and times in my life.

One thought on “backwards to go forward”

  1. I love this! 😘
    Rest into the fall season and let the beauty unfold.
    Clean sheets are a glorious feeling for me. Even if they dont have a 600 thread count. The moon has been beautiful this past week.
    Rest and recover my daughter✨❣️✨

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