The true texans

We got invaded! There were two of them, and they scared the living begesus out of us when they were clawing at the glass on our back window last evening. Its fair to admit that I thought it was Henry, the neighbors dog arriving for a visit – as he does or has in the past, because the clawing was persistent and had Starbuck all barky barkerson.

No it was not Henry – it was two enormous Armadillo. While its not the first time I’ve seen a live Armadillo – its the first time I’ve seen them in pairs, and so huge. They proceeded to climb all over my patio furniture, and up to my firepit. I watched as the littler one – which its sort of worth mentioning – neither were really “little” – help the larger one to get up on the ottoman, from which the rest of the porch was pretty easily circumventable.

I did capture a couple of photos before P decided “Enough of that” and went to scurry them off the porch with a broom.

It occured to me — both in my elation, that another spirit animal with a pretty clear message to me – that these are the “true” texans… They were here, likely long before people arrived. = We were the tourists as far as the dillo were concerned.

In looking up these animals it was pretty interesting to learn a bit about them from “Wiki

As the initial excitement of the dillo invasion passed, and they went back to aerating my lawn – as they have been doing for months with P claiming it was them…. and me just well, it’s hard to care about this right now, with so many other things going on. As they haven’t done any damage other than creating little soil pockets every few feet, neither P nor I had considered it too much of a nuisance.

We have been pretty certain that they have a nest in my rosemary in the front – having eaten thru one of the bushes completely and taken another down to its roots. We were never ever to “see” or “find” them with our casual attempts – I mean lets face it – I’m not really animal hunter – I leave that to cats…. and “finding” would have meant “determining what I was going to do about it” and that would have been another contemplative project probably fraught with sadness – best to just let Nature be Nature.

One thing I did notice, I don’t know whether its because of the isolation or the not having trips – and bluntly, I noticed it much more profoundly shortly after the dillo visit…. when I suddenly realized really good. Somewhat like coming out of a fog or haze. Like suddenly all was right with the universe….. Really a dillo invasion fixed my world? Yep.

Trying to sort out how I felt/feel about this, or what it means is still something I’m allowing the recesses of my mind do…. and ofcourse I’ll get help from the Paid professional today…. but overall, I laughed about it, because it felt pretty incredible.

Still don’t know if I should be letting “nature” be “nature” … but its probably what’s going to occur… until I figure/find/hear of some reason this is “bad” — I mean I don’t want these guys wandering into the street and getting themselves squashed – but I also don’t really want to have some animal control guys hauling them off to get Excommunicated either. — a thought for another time.

Got P to take me to juiceland yesterday – have been craving it a bit for the past few days. We drove to the location in Georgetown, only to find …. rather abruptly that its closed. To be fair, I think R told me it closed, or somewhere in the corner of my mind it “seems” like something he would have told me…. but it also didn’t seem super vital, I’m certain at the time. So after a negotiation with P and getting him to take me all the way up to this place … to find it was closed, it was not a happy camper moment… but good news we found, “there was another”….. so we drove to the “other” which was a little further in an entirely different direction…. but was satisfying.

Got my juice, and it helped my body get some of the nutrients its been craving. Got labs done yesterday – so so much taken so many tests. Happy to find out alot of the numbers are looking good. … Oddly they didn’t do a CBC – so many labs drawn – 5 vials in total. but no CBC? very very curious. Rather makes me super curious what else she took. I will get a full report on Friday when I go in, so curiosity will only be a bit longer.

It was a rather interesting conversation to overhear in the waiting room about two folks from Taylor talking about how that town has evolved in the past few years – not being or living in Taylor I didn’t have much of a say to join the discussion, Many of the places they talked about are areas I’ve “seen” driving thru…. or heard my friends who call this home, talk about. It was just another case of small small world.

Suffice to say, its rather surprising to me how happy I can be about being invaded – I mean these were rather interesting looking invaders, and as realistically, I guess I’m more the invader to them … I hope they found me Texan enough for the time being. *busts out a little hum for – The stars at night, are big and bright…. Deep in the heart of Texas…*

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  1. It is very interesting to watch how visible the animals are making themselves to you and P. Road Runner, Turtle, Armidillo family along with your birdies, bunnies and geckos. Likely speaks to the learning and increase of knowledge and energy.
    I love you bunches❣️

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