Unicorns and other things that make me shake my head

Apparently the 45 and his wife have tested positive for the fiend. While my brain is creative, I’d like to think that any of the possible reasons someone could say they tested positive while not actually being positive – well … life is about suffering. Learning about oneself and become stronger. It is against my nature, and the energy of the universe to hope anything other than safety, health and happiness for every other human being. Lying however, comes with its own karmic repercussions of which, I am not the judge and jury. So just moving my creative mind on to other thoughts.


There is this really cool place magic unicorn advertisement off 79 that I’ve noticed a couple times now, but we always go past it so fast I’m not exactly certain what it is or what its for – I also have been unable to locate it using the oracle — goggle. It too is a mythical creature it seems – not just the unicorn it advertises. Maybe I’ll figure it out someday.

The past week has been sort of a rollercoaster transition time from up and down…. both of emotions, and physical things. Sorta makes me think of an old gif I used to have of pooh bear doing morning exercises – “up, down, touch the ground – for a healthy happy pooh”

It is possible to love someone and not agree with anything that they believe, say or do. I somehow feel that is the true meaning of love, and its unique ability. Love transcends our boxes of individuality, and sorta is all encompassing based upon a pure energy existence having nothing to do with things that make us unique, but more to do with things that make us the same.

I have found lately, that sometimes doubt creeps in – but by relying on that five year old inside of me – the one with infinite believe, hope and faith – I am able to circumvent the doubt for a bit, and live in the bliss. Unfortunately the five year old IS NOT allowed to drive, because she just loves eating… bad for me things… all the time. All though, I did find a very funny thing that she loves – I love – that is super easy to satisfy her, and also while not particularly “good” for me, its alot less bad and it staves off many of other bad avenues…. its a silly thing… its Licorice Gum. … specifically “Black Jack” – I don’t recall where I first got introduced to this – it was eons ago – or maybe just many years 🙂 — its oddly satisfying.

Talked to friends a long while ago about the fact that part of my emotional eating has to do with oral fixations – my husband says it’s the only time I’m quiet 🙂 and he might be right – keeping my mouth full. I do very much enjoy chewing gum. Its a small little comfort, and calorically and health wise its not really bad for me.

Some folks have been sending me these beautiful cards in the mail. I love them. They are small little sparks of joy when the mail arrives. Something I can “wonder” and “hope” for that isn’t about my physical health. I’ve been debating about turning these cards into art. Some sort of wreath or hanger that will allow me to see them all and have them as a beacon for those times when I’m feeling … well when I need some bolstering. Little things all over the place equal big things in the heart.

By somewhat stopping the world, its been an interesting thing to watch the people around me and enjoy the pace at which they learn, they thrive, they evolve as humans. This is something I’ve “noticed” in the past, but not with the enormity that it is thrust on me these days. People are incredible things. My friends, family – my pack/pride – are the most amazing of things.

Watching people individually and as a whole, the interactions — the ebb and flow – like breath or tides…. its a very awe inspiring thing. Its also humbling and awe inspiring to watch the babies – the babies whose lives I’ve lived thru – grown into adults. Also to realize they are some of the crazy drivers on the roads now 🙂 — a whole new generation of crazy drivers to scare/shock/and make me shake my head…. when they bob and weave thru traffic like an art form rather than a safety dance.

Its good sometimes to have things to shake my head at…. its a wonderful thing to be able to shake my head. Chiropractic adjustment was good day – more headshaking in my future.

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