When the stars align and the price of tea

Many things on my mind right now. Where to start.

It was a beautiful 53 degrees out when we ventured out this morning. The power company had elected to let us know that they would be shutting off our power for two hours this morning 8-10 – and we elected in response to “find other business to take care of” – it worked out rather serendipitous that we had noticed yesterday that our registration was due to expire today.

We headed off to the inspection place. Here in Texas vehicles require inspections before you are able to pay for the privilege of registering your car. To be honest, I think this is a very cool thing. The 10 minute shop we stopped at, we happened to catch just before they opened (not really happened, P planned this) and we were the first ones in line. The guy – who we have worked with before – was super fast, super efficient.

Little snag, the paper copy of our car insurance that P has been carrying around was expired – but in this day and age – he was quickly able to pull out an electronic version of the new card, which the guy accepted without any problem and finished our inspection. The car passed all its exams, and we were on our way – the Sir at the shop did however let us know – as the Sirs at the Costco had a bit back when we got a tire – that the car was desperately in need of an alignment.

We headed to Starbucks – which would have been the first stop if the place had already had a line – but it didn’t so being first was P’s idea of the best breakfast ever – I however, prefer some coffee.

With Coffee in hand, mouth and heart – we headed on down to NTB – and had hands down one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had in a while. Not only did they get us in as a walkin, they were super fast and super efficient – as we waited in their lobby, I watched the Customer service agent at the front – who was amazing – help over 15 people – both on the phone, in the office, set up new appts, arrive for appts, show up as a walk in, and call with questions. We were only there about 45 minutes, and this person was HOPING.

The persons name was Krystal – but they were clearly gender neutral. It really sparked my curiosity and I desperately wanted to ask them “what pronoun they chose to identify as..” but there was NEVER an opportunity. I also wondered if my asking that way would be considered offensive. I watched as some folks referred to “her” as a she and other folks referred to him as a Sir…. and Krystal was comfortable with both, and never blinked an eye at either. So so curious. But mostly I was seriously impressed by the superior level of service EVERYONE received. There was not one down minute during the entire time we were there. It was as busy as a Starbucks during a morning rush.

I complimented the person as we left on stellar customer service, and a bit ago I followed up with comments on the company webpage and also with a shout out on twitter – I don’t know if there will be anything to come of it, but I do strongly feel when someone is in their element and doing amazing work – it really deserves recognition. If all of life, everyone went above and beyond its unfathomable to conceive of what life would be like – too often, people are not in their passions and share their unhappiness with all of us…. something I too have done, and this is a cautionary reminder tale for me.

After getting the alignment, we made a quick pop over to deliver some of my Chai to mum and get some much needed hugs. I have always enjoyed the making and more so the sharing so that it all gets enjoyed when its fresh and at its best.

Next we we stopped to get the registration done. This too happened to be incredible good timing – they had just opened up this area of the store as P walked in and he was in and out fast enough I was truly shocked.

We popped by the house to spend some much needed time hanging with C on our porch – it had warmed a bit but its still so comfy out there.

It was a super amusing thing to me that P decided to accidentally banter about the debates last night with a bigger section of the pack/pride than he had intended and so so many chimed in…. I missed it as tired came on me last night super early, and the beds call was too enticing to avoid… but it was the most amusing chatter to wake up this morning and read – having not seen anything else about the debate.

I think family humor is the best sort. When there are inside jokes or stories shared, or when views and banter are back and forth in chats, there is something that is like warm bread or pumpkin pie to me about that. It is just heart happy.

We had a few more errands today, all of which turned out great, and then we finally headed home. I realized in the process of this, that interacting with people is excessively tiring for me right now. Energy all around me is chaotic and most people are taking more than they are giving. Its intuitively logical to me why this is the case – not enough hugs – this still poses a challenge of exhausting proportions.

I came home and somewhat immediately fell asleep in my chair.

Sometimes its hard to know things. To know that santa clause is not really going to pop into my house and deliver gifts, that he isn’t really a man living at the north pole. These are hard. It’s easy to believe in the ideal, in the dream. I feel, often, I would rather know than not know, but it’s still hard to know things. That expression of curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back….. I’ve always been a satisfied cat…. and I know, for a fact I have alot more than 9 lives.

There is life, there is death, and there is the space between. We are born from the space between, may I never need to return to that space between. May my life be long and as happily filled with blessing, joy and gratitude as it is today.

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