So I woke up super grouchy today. However, I was quickly pretty amused at myself, when I heard my intuition tell me inside “your alive to be grouchy?” So there is that. Even though I feel very grateful and very blessed, today was a day of “OMFG let me sleep”

I should backtrack – I was sleeping incredible well – like no middle-of-the-night-every-two-hour-pee trips…. we went to bed around ten, and it was 4am, when abruptly “Alexa” – we have other names for her in this house, that are much less flattering – in anycase, the woman – IDk I don’t feel like she is a woman, but since they gave her a female voice, we will call her ‘the woman’ – decided it was paramount to tell us via a loud beep, that the national weather service had issued a flood warning for Round Rock – could she not wait until 7am? oh wait, thats when they changed the warning…. could she not just hold the message? Or send it via text? No no, she had to make a loud chime interrupting my amazing sleep – in the middle of a cycle.

Sufficed to say, things went down hill from here. Could Not get back to sleep. Finally got back to sleep around 6am – and then again rudely awakened at 7:40 by ‘the woman’ the warning had been changed – which not at all a surprising thing, considering it hadn’t started raining yet!!

We had an appt at 10, so I had to drag myself out of bed far too early after falling back into restless sleep at 7:40 only to have to get up at 9 – and then fight with myself wanting to go back to sleep, but needing to rise.

Fine I rose, I was so so grouchy, I did a rage scream – it didn’t really help. Nothing seemed to make me less grouchy – until intuition voice in my head. Then things seemed to improve – well it might have been the coffee too 🙂 hard to say.

Had instance to listen to a group I liked a few years back – the group “Fun” – I kinda expected them to be more than a one hit wonder band, I honestly don’t know what happened to them – but I hope its having “fun” instead of making music about it 🙂 …. to be fair, their music was boppy and rather fun, but it was also kinda had some songs that were a tad depressing.

I’ve been working on increasing my exercise – well I should say, P has started an exercise program for himself – and I’m competitive enough that it has worked wonderfully to get my butt in gear and start doing “more” — we laugh about this, he is competitive in some areas, but just so very few – but I’m a life gamer – and everything is a fun game. I guess I’ll just be thankful for him doing this, because its making it much easier for me to motivate.

The brain soup has been getting a little worse – what I mean by this is that the words are just getting confused more frequently. It is not as bad as it could be, because usually I’m listening when I talk and I hear the wrong word when I speak it – but not always …. which makes for some interesting snafu’s of conversation. Luckily I’m blessed with very tolerant and adventurous people willing to help question and help me recognize when I “don’t” hear it….. Yeah I guess even I get tired of hearing my own voice every once in a while.

Its getting to be my favorite time of year – well really it kinda is – I love fall. The rain finally did come today, and we have lake mcneely again in the backyard – which is sort of amusing to watch Starbuck try and traverse it to get to his “favorite” spots. The lake is actually too deep even for him. It all came down so fast too – I guess the flood warning wasn’t such a bad thing – just well – unnecessary for those of us sheltering at home as much as possible.

Its a blessing to be able to be here, and still have emotions that are a full circle, mostly I’m just glad the grouchy didn’t linger, and that I was able to go back to happy go lucky me.

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