Having one of those days – which seems to have extended into a “few of those days..” = where up seems down, and down seems up. Super tired past few days — its one of those things where its super easy to say that I know this chemo makes me tired – however when I go the first few days and I’m not tired, its easy to get excited and happy that “oh its not making me tired this time” only to be rollercoaster’d back to “wait yes it is” when a week later it DOES.

Have had a few songs just sticking in my mind lately – this one – when I pulled up the lyrics just kinda made me laugh about how appropriate it is for the moment….. “The Remedy” by Jason Mraz — and also this one: 10000 Maniacs “These are the days” ….

So I don’t watch news, but P told me about the fact that there was a rally for 45 here at Lake Austin, and that in all the excitement but not paying attention – several boats sunk – that generally it was a chaotic mess of boats on water. Seemed like a striking parallel to me.

We went for our weekly adventure drive this weekend and D got to explore with us – was a little longer drive than usual, but man the sights were amazing. We found hills that from a distance looked like minimountains – and a wind farm. We ended up in Llano – and I have to say that the place seemed so interesting. Its the crossroads area of getting to and from alot of bigger areas in Texas, but its still so laid back. Texas towns are sorta interesting like this – it was a “new” area for P&I and D was sorta just along for the ride 🙂 It was a little longer than our normal drives, but it was kinda inspiring – I took quite a few pictures and video, and they came out pretty nice. These driving adventures are so incredible – they make me think of the song, another interesting thing when you look up the rest of the lyrics of this song and how appropriate it is for events happening now….. “Free your mind” by En Vogue

Today is Labor Day. It starts the holiday season in my mind, birthday extravaganza from August thru September and then on to the holidays. I don’t know yet what this year will hold, but I am very glad to be here to appreciate and experience it.

Everyday I’m greeted by the sun, and its a blessing to me to enjoy its warm rays, but I’m also super SUPER glad that fall is starting to peek about from that summer season – I can appreciate an 80 degree day so much more than 100+ — They both have their place though, and I’m blessed to have AC to keep the house comfortable and relaxing.

Here is to more fall sooner – I am super super excited about all the pumpkin things popping up all over 🙂 reminds me about all the fun things yet to come this year. Happy times, great memories, and lots of love and joy to be shared. Just gotta get thru these hump day things along the path.

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