History is in the eyes of the winner

That goes for personal history too… in the eyes of the writer that is….

Perception such a fascinating thing. Its like a rubics cube, or that old game Simon. While it “seems” like there is really only one way to play – there is actually not just one way to play, and history – even though it seems like it was “x” event that occured – its really not.

Events are the perception of the recipient. And the history, or the retelling of those events, are all about the perception of the person that is doing the telling.

Had one of my best friends come and spend a couple nights at my house the past few days. We had so many plans of what we would be doing, but we ended up blissfully just relaxing and talking. Talking about shared and individual histories.

Shared histories are even more interesting than just perception – from the perspective that each person has their own “history” and sometimes the two are so divergent as to seem “not possible” – when in reality its just usually a position of viewing.

I remember the first time my dad tried to teach me about perspective. – from an Art or drawing perspective – he is an architect, and this is a passion of his. I don’t recall “what” the object was, but there were two of them, and they seemed like totally different sizes to me… but he explained it was just an optical illusion – he showed me that they were infact the same size. Only my “perspective” made them seem different.

This same concept is so leverage for memory history. First for the one with the memory – as we age, somethings seem — larger than life — or smaller than life. Sort of like a person visiting Disney – verses a cast member working there for many years. Or a frame of reference on a rally from the 60s verses a rally from today.

The perception of “speed” of contact or communication from the 70s – like when you had to “reach someone” to tell them “something” – the fact that there were NO cell phones, no mobile communication, no mass available internet, not even pages — Just Payphones – or walking with your own two feet to their house. — and hoping they were there either to answer the phone or to hear the news – not having gone to someone else’s house to tell someone else about their own “something”

Verses today, where we can “see” if someone is online – and then we send them a message and we rather so inappropriately “expect” them to acknowledge, or reply or atleast “view” – because we can see that too – our message this instant…… Not 2 or 3 hours later (which at the time was the speed of light) — compared to our grandparents, who had to wait “days” to tell that specific someone that “something”

So days, to hours, to seconds within the blink of an eye – Perspective.

Speaking of blink of an eye — I noticed that one of my games was giving me a very very specific headache – which I found to be sourced from “not blinking enough” — I wonder if the universe will eventually grant us more eyes with which to see things 🙂 I suppose spiders have this fixed, but humans still lacking with only 2.

Its an interesting thing how once we grow up and our whole reality shifts, and changes to be able to accommodate different perspectives and different angles to our own perspectives – how “history” looks very different – our own that is…. and how we can see “things” that occured with new and very different eyes.

Its an amazing time for growing and learning. While its so easy to see the dirt and the dangerous twigs all around – its also an amazing time to see the diversity of the forest, and to acknowledge the benefit each of the trees bring us. Hopefully we can all avoid the bird poop 🙂 because I’ve noticed they are so so prolific right now in this forest of earth we are all sharing.

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