The magic all around us

Intuition is something I’ve always felt is natural to me. There are certain people I’ve come into contact or who have “graced me” with their presence that are just a happy place for my intuition. I am blessed to have a large number of these people still in my life, sending me happy messages and cheering me on – this helps so much on the days that I struggle.

I’m not sure why I get such a energy lift when one of these people just sends me a random thing – but it’s like getting a hug from a loved one you haven’t seen in a very long time. There are just some things that are good, and its best not to question them – just enjoy the moment and know there will be another again soon.

This weekend was adventure weekend. P and I went with my sister out for a drive yesterday – she got to experience one of our adventures for the first time, and as always hanging with her just makes me happy. She is and has always been a present for me. I asked and prayed for many years for a younger sister, someone I could share my experiences with, someone I could share my ups my downs and my joys with, someone I could have and hold, and comfort when she needed. I’m blessed to have that in my life. It came thru an unexpected path; but I am so grateful for this gift. We explored an area not far from the house in Texas that was off the beaten trail and just filled with wide open spaces.

Today was another adventure just P and I and we went a different route – going a little earlier as we took the car with the “less effective” AC. Its nice to be able to drive/ride out and explore. There are so many back road towns in Texas. So much small history to peek and ponder. Our adventure today took us over many creeks and streams – oddly many of them sharing the name “brushy creek” like our own Round Rock named stream.

As we explored today, we reminisced – this is something P & I are tending to do frequently right now – for obvious reasons, and also because we have shared history now that nearly exceeds my individual history Pre-P. Funny thing how time moves. We talked about things and people pre-Texas, and how different life would be if we had never come here. Its an interesting thing for me, that the first job I had that I really thrived at, and loved was working for HP in San Diego, and I left that job to relocate to Texas.

Sometimes you have to give up the things you enjoy and prize the most, to progress. Some of the things you take the most pride and satisfaction in are the very things you have to part with to evolve. Much like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Freedom to explore and crawl around with tasters on all the toes, to curling up tightly in a bound state, unable to move, unable to see or feel anything, in order to explode out into a free state of flight.

Life is full of magical thing like this, where we must let go of our favorite things, the things we most enjoy to progress. I’m finding that more and more as I move to a healthier me. Not everything has to go, but many of the things that I have taken ego or satisfaction in being so good at, so knowledgeable of – so capable – I’m having to let go, and leave to others, so that I can focus on the things that matter more right now. Not just release them but release them willingly and gracefully; trusting that there will be help and solutions for all of them coming to me soon.

Always learning. Everyday, more about myself, about my friends and family and most importantly about life.

Its a great day to be alive. I am blessed and grateful for life, and the amazing things I am getting to experience.

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