Lucky number 23

P & I had our 23rd anniversary on Saturday. 23 is an interesting number; it has some interesting meanings in many types of data points. For me, it means closing in on half of my life married with P vs the time before. We had a very fun day.

We went for a super early morning drive – since we knew that the weather was predicted to be over 100 by noon, so our goal was to be “home and safe in the AC”

P decided on this day, that I was “in charge” of picking the place, so I let intuition guide me, I knew I oddly wanted to go south east – so we ended up driving past the Formula One stadium – one we have passed from the highway before, but it was kinda cool to explore that and the further east region from there…. It was a new area for us in driving exploration, and one that – unknown to me – was one P had been wanting to do just not super high priority. So it was a fun and new drive for us.

Upon our return home, P decided to work on one of his Lego sets – he has been collecting legos a while now, and we have started recently to break these out and build some of them. For today, he chose a treehouse – which is apparently an extensive kit to build – the “instruction” book for it is an inch think. Crazy things – I didn’t even realize until late last night that this “huge book” was the “instruction manual” – lego sets are just odd.

P sat happily building this kit for 3-4 hours, and got about 1/4 of the set built. I did not realize at the time – because I was goofing off relaxing – that he was sitting in a bad degree of a triangle – leaning over the kit and focused for the entire time.

Sufficed to say, he caused some pinching in his sciatic, and his IT band – which is a complicated way to say “he hurt his back” – or rather, my not paying attention means, for our anniversary I gave him literally a pain in the arse! – I own it, I’m a pita 🙂

We are having alot of fun with this home isolation – we have been getting alot of things that are “honey do” projects done and cleared out – it feels empowering and amazing. They are alot of small things, but it feels so good to have “done” these things. P feels it too. I know he is hurting a bit right now, but he has alot more activation energy towards doing things to help himself feel better faster – its very inspiring.

I am pretty blessed to have such an incredible guy. We spent alot of time on Saturday reminiscing about some time things from our 23 years. – like our whirlwind 2 years in California before Texas – and the time and fact that we are now officially “texans” or atleast we have lived here more than 20 years, so that “seems” like we are official at this point.

Life is just full of so much robust and amazing things. Even this overabundant heat we have had recently. Its exceeded 100 degrees for the past 4 days, and its an amazing thing to be so grateful for my AC. I have a hard time fathoming what it was like to live in Texas before AC (BAC) – There is something empowering about the hot wind blowing across my porch.

I will say, this hot wind makes me super cognizant of this new fire tornado scare- it makes for incredible pictures, but the destruction. Reminds me about how fragile we are as humans. I have an acute sense of this; health reasons and all, but man just the smallest amount of things, and we are wiped out as a species.

I am grateful for how amazing life is, and the power that is swirling all around me. Here is to many more years of great experiences, and blatant reminders for gratitude and appreciation.

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  1. I am very glad you two have each other!
    Blessings for many more wonderous adventures together filled with love and laughter!

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