Things that you don’t miss…

I found out today, thru a random conversation with P, that there is a hurricane – now tropical storm hitting Texas. Due to my focus on healing – and screening of as much news and current events as I can since its just so not helpful for healing – I did not even know about this weather event.

P mentioned about it today – when I commented how it was so dark at noon – so we pulled up a report so I could see it. I realized, as we watched a weather report and they showed some – I call it “some” because its always so so filtered what they show you – news about the storm.

I realized after we watched this, and I explored with my mind and yes, I found the storm, and yes I connected some “mental dots” to the horrible headache I’d had a couple of days back, and the general “sinus stuffyness” I’d been experiencing – had my brief AHA moment and realized, this news …. Not something I miss…

Had a other friend, recently make me aware of a DR friend – naturalist that specializes in helping people heal cancer thru things other than conventional medical treatments – I pulled up her website – she is in south austin – not close, but the website looked interesting, until I read one of her informational pieces that she makes her patients give up coffee….

I have given up coffee in the past, for periods of time. I am capable of giving it up physically, emotionally, mentally. I just don’t want to…. and Spirit and I have a agreement that its not something I have to do without. I went back to the friend and told him “yeah not for me because I am just not giving up coffee”

Coffee and I have a long standing relationship. It makes me happy to drink it. I believe that things that make you happy are not only important in life, they are vital. I don’t know or completely understand the why of this happiness, and bluntly I don’t need to… I look for good sourced, good roasted, reasonable priced coffee and support the quality production and humane distribution of quality coffee. And then I grind it, brew it and savour every drop. Its a moment of blissful happiness for me.

When I told the friend about this he just laughed. There are somethings that are part of life. Coffee is part of mine.

Kenny Rogers song the Gambler comes to mind. Know when to walk away. Know when to run.

So many good things in life going on, that its just important to constantly remind myself of these things. The chemo brain Dory phenomenon is strong with this one, but I refuse to let bad things sneak in and take over.

I made Masala Chai yesterday – I started adding Masala to my personal definition of my Chai since I learned/was educated that Chai just means “tea” not spiced tea… as I thought and as well, I think most Americans use it — Masala means the specific spices I tend to “use” in my Chai — or rather what is referred to at “starbucks” as chai is actually Masala Chai — or tea with spices, although bluntly Starbucks is mostly sugar with a few things to add flavor – mine, the one I brew at home is spices with a little bit of tea added at the end.

I made my Masala Chai – as I do regularly, its tasty, feel good and a healthy drink I can have when coffee and I are having an “off” day or when I just want something in the afternoon to partner with my water and make my mouth sing. … again I digress, I made my Masala Chai and I share it with my mother and sister, so we took some to deliver to them…. Its a big batch when I brew it – its one of those “chores” that keeps me sane right now, because I love making it, its not difficult or complex, and it makes the entire house smell amazing — like christmas or like a spice market or just like a warm cozy place that is filled with love …. This is something so true about my home that I love the smell of these spices to bring back the happy memories.

We delivered the ‘extra’ that I share to my mom and sister, and as we drove we talked, P & I – as we always do about things …. we also enjoy this time to drive and see all of the wonders and beauty of Texas. We took Starbuck with us on this particular outing…

Starbuck is my baby, and incredible pup … most of the time … He gets so so scared sometimes, and he “wants” to be an adventure dog, but he just gets so nervous and frightened of new experiences. He has ridden in the car before, many times, but not overly recently. He gets barky when he gets anxious… but its an amusing thing to both P & I — the thing that ALWAYS calms him down…

Starbuck loves Pitbull. When he is barky barkerson, just anxious and hyper dog… we put on some Pitbull music and he just settles down. So, in the car, when he was pacing in the back, and just so bark bark.. we put on some Pitbull and immediately, he just lays down and all is right with the world.

I like Pitbull, he is an incredible artist, and a shrewd businessman. I’ve watched him make amazing music, and stay current with the times, but be so good at weaving thru the currents of society, he is truly an incredible artist and just generally, a very smart man. His music isn’t always, heck its not even “normally” my go-to. He is a house music rapper, part of why he is so powerful is that he is smart enough to recognize that he can get his message across, but he needs a “musician” to carry a tune and make it sell. He does compilations, and puts another great artist in his songs, and then he delivers a powerful message, and someone else sings a pretty tune. Its great. Its just incredible amusing to me how MUCH Starbuck loves this guy.

Within the first few refrains of ANY Pitbull song, he is called down from 10 to 2 and then down to zero. I noticed this years ago, and I laughing told R and P that this was the case, they both laughed and didn’t believe me…. However, we have tried and trued this so many times now that its beyond question. In the car yesterday, when he was being so so anxious, first song and he is happy calm dog again. Thank you Pitbull for being brilliant.

One of his latest songs – came out around my birthday is timely and incredible both for me on my personal journey, and for the times… – I believe that we will win.

So Masala Chai delivered, happy pup back home, comfy Alethia, and happy P led to an amazing night of sleep and a super chill Sunday.

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  1. Chai delivery also helped me immensely.
    Both yesterday and to set the tone for a chill Sunday.
    How comical to read that Pitbull calms Buck!
    I truly love reading your posts and sharing your adventure.

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