This was going to be…

A post about why there are so many good things in the world but people (humans) seem to focus on the not good things….

But the universe decided instead to provide me an abject example.

Turned on PC this morning – when I was unable to sleep – go figure blame weather, meds or just mental fidgeting….. and once again Microsoft has “done something” to make my internet not work.

P and I have talked about it, and we are going to agree to chalk this up to an “Alethia insanity” thing – where I’m actually believing something that not only probably isn’t true, but is quite enough implausible to be more than just a figment of my imagination.

Sometime ago — circa de IDK how far back so we will call it “a year” – I started experiencing this issue with my PC – my windows PC 🙂 – where I would boot the sucker up and after bringing me the beautiful location of the picture that showed up on my computer in the Microsoft browser, windows would be kind enough to inform me I had no internet connection ….. This seemed strange to me, as it was able to bring up the location on a browser, clearly indicating it “had” internet connection atleast a few seconds before….

This strangeness continued to go on – because when I would use the “handy” windows network screen to “troubleshoot” my network issue – It would find the solution as “reset all network devices” — which would of course bring about P’s more techy side to say “Nope my pc’s working fine, internet connection shows fine, we don’t’ need to reset” – and when I started to agree with him, is when I decided to push the “give microsoft feedback” about the troubleshooter – and magically my internet connection would be working again……

So this has gone on for … X time … and a few months back I decided to start putting in feedback messages asking Microsoft “why” this was happening…. unfortunately, this was clearly a mistake. Now after several updates my “neat/perplexing fix” no longer works…. Go figure, guess they got tired of my “please stop breaking my internet connection” messages. Oops 🙂

So it occured to me, as I was originally intending to post about how “humans” – including myself – unless I’ve suddenly becoming something more or less than human which I’m unaware — although I do have to say the idea of being a cow in one of the fields that we have driven past recently was kinda appealing to me – watching them all crowd under this shade tree and look so community and comfortable – then I thought about all the horrible videos and things I’ve seen about the slaughterhouses, and realized “Yeah not a cow” — I digress, but again with another example of exactly what I’m wondering about — Why as humans do we focus on the negative?

There are so many people doing so many amazing and incredible and “right” things every day. Stepping out and saying “no we can’t do it this way” — Saying “let me help you with that” — Stopping to help. Talking politely and sharing happy information. Helping us to laugh, helping us to learn, helping us – just helping us…. So many, so many times per day – we encounter the “greatness” that is being a human.

Why is it the bad things that stay in our minds? I don’t remember the source but there was/is that comment about the fact that for every bad experience a person will tell 10 people, but for every good experience a person will only share it 3 times…. Why is this? Why do we have a propensity to talk about the bad things 66% more often than the good? Why do we share these? — This is a part of myself I just dont’ understand. I know its part of being human, but that seems like a weak justification for doing something I “KNOW” is not good for my fellow humans, and is not good overall for the energy of the planet — and yet it doesn’t change the fact that I feel almost a bodily function need to share my experiences. I spent a second trying to figure out how best to express this above, and it seems to me that this feeling at its core feels alot like a baby crying. They don’t have words to share what they need/feel/want – so instead they just cry.

Maybe the problem or the source is that when we are forced to endure some experience that is not comfortable, or unpleasant, we just don’t have the right tools – like the baby crying because they don’t have words – we don’t’ have the right tools to release it and go on back to the positive.

I know I share the positive, but I feel a strong passion and compulsion to try and turn around my percent so that I’m not settling for the norm of only 33% positive. …. So while that’s a faulty statistic, we will call that again “Alethia insanity” – it seems much more poignant than just — I don’t know – I feel like overall, I’m a pretty positive person.

I feel I try and stay upbeat and happy — especially now — most of the time. While I recognize I encounter bad or unpleasant things, I also recognize that I am surrounded by abounding blessings that not only deserve, but demand my eternal and service of gratitude. I feel I can work harder to try and share the positive over the negative. To try and elevate the good things.

So while Microsoft is off doing there “Alethia insanity” things – and while it was a 45 minutes worth of trial to get my internet back up and functioning… and while the beef “industry” and I have a few unresolved traumas — These are not the whole of the world. These are not the whole of my world. These things have a place, and do require attention, but they are not the universe. They are not the majority of the universe.

I’m going to focus on my blessings – like enjoying this beautiful sunrise. The amazing weather we have had the past few days. The clouds with their inability to linger at one height or the other, and tormented by so much water as to practically drip from the sky. The kind souls I will get to meet and greet at my doctors appts today. The kind souls at my Starbucks who went in super early, and will be super happy and cheerful to pour me a cup of my favorite beverage and will provide me with an uplifting smile and a happy jolt to start my day. The clear roads – with less traffic, that allow for an amazingly relaxed commute to my appointments. The loving man that will be my “driver” for this trip. The safe journey I’ll have, and the fun insights that will occur in the world to make my moment, day, life richer and better.

So many blessings. Positive Vibes Abound.

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  1. ✨From your mind to the hearts of all who read this❣️✨
    We are Well blessed in this decade of gratitude.

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