The beat goes on…

Two songs: The beat goes on: and We got the beat:

These two songs seem really appropriate to celebrate a particularly good report card. Had results from my tests, and they look good – all of them look good.

My body still feels – well lets just say I don’t feel like a spring chicken right now. Tired is the overall feeling. Healing takes alot of energy and effort. Chemo is very harsh. Meds in general very harsh. — However, celebrating the good things is what we do – we are going to enjoy this moment of blissful happiness. The tests all looked good!!

We are winning! Battle has a ways to go still but the precipice looks swell.

My little Starbuck scared me a little the other night be being “extra loving” this sounds a little odd to say, but he just isn’t overly the cuddling type and he decided in the middle of the night that he NEEDED to cuddle. Like he climbed up and layed in the middle of my stomach against me and just layed there resting for a half hour. When I had given him enough attention he migrated down to beside me and again laid here for a half hour. I’m not certain whether he was feeling out of sorts or just sensing I was nervous, either way it was pretty great all-be-it concerning because its just so so out of character for him.

The tree with fruit in my backyard – I should say the one of the four we planted that has managed to “survive” my drastic gardening style is looking amazing – the fruit is green presently, but pretty certain its the mandarin orange tree – so we will have just a ton of these soon in the early fall when they finally turn orange.

This is such an interesting time to be alive. So many things are stretching people – family, friends, strangers – to be a better version of themselves. Watching and being able to see people come together, and grow and evolve is so powerful. Not to discount the craziness of “when its not positive” but the positive things just so so far outway the other, it’s like the Sun peeking thru the dark clouds. Its an amazing overshadowing and creates such amazing possibilities.

I’ve been blessed to talk to and see, and read so many of the amazing things people are finding they CAN do during this time – while still staying safe, healthy and happy. Its so so inspiring.

In the course of my healing, I’m finding that the more relaxed I get the faster time just seems to whiz by for me. I’m still enjoying making my marsala chai, and soup – I’m hoping to soon add a homemade empanadas into my repertoire – while they aren’t always the healthiest thing, my plan is to make them and then find a way to adapt them. Plans are great – I still haven’t done this yet with the cheesecake recipe I managed to persuade out of my stepmother – so we will see if the plan happens.

Have been considering all the places in the world I’m looking forward to exploring and the list just keeps getting longer. Realized recently I’d really like to go see Mount Rushmore and see the Grand Canyon. They are just places that have always seemed like touch points for me about what this country must have been like 100 years ago.

They are building this huge entertainment complex thing just across from the Dell Diamond – down the road a short distance from my house. I’ve been watching it evolve during this isolation time – its supposed to open the end of the year. It has so many elements, but it’s definitely been progressing – I wonder how it will be later in the year.

Got the chance to talk to one of my favorite Starbuck Managers yesterday before test results – he is an amazing guy – his store is ALWAYS busy – but typically very very fast. It was a day when things were slow like molasses, and he was lamenting over losing another 5 employees. At a smaller store like his, this is a huge thing. Apparently starting salaries at Starbucks are low for the economic conditions right now, and that’s making it challenging to hold onto people when they have options of other places to go to make more money. Here is hoping that they recognize the shortcoming and correct the course.

Still waiting – so so long later – for my fridge to be fixed. Its become a sort of game between P & I about hot potato on meals. It will certainly be nice when its repaired, the guy yesterday came out and identified “another” part that is causing the problem. Here is to hoping that this time is “the one” and that they are able to get it, fix it and have it repaired soon.

A friend mentioned today about an AC being out – it certainly put my fridge into perspective. if I had to chose the fridge while very inconvenient definitely a lot more comfortable being out than the AC – just consider myself blessed that this hasn’t happened to us in the summer. Thank you universe for protecting this appliance, and our home from AC issues in the heat of a thousand suns. That expression, “texas is hot as hell” holds alot of truth – and there is a reason why the AC is one of the most precious appliances in the house – bless its little heart.

Still riding the incredible emotional high for a good report card on health tests. Somethings still need work, but we are getting there – progress is evident, and things are working as intended. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

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