Would you like fries with that?

Sometimes people come and go from your life – sometimes it feels like a drive thru – they are poof there then gone. Other times they linger – like the cranberries song – Linger

I’ve had my share of people that are just amazing – whether they were the drive thru variety or just seemed in hindsight like the drive thru variety or whether they were the fellow employees sharing the bane of having to ask each customer “would you like fries with that?”

There are always memories. Even if they are a wisp – like a cool snap breeze on a an early summer evening.

Life is full of surprises.

Right now, my mind goes from one memory to another – the really only consistency is the fact that there is nearly always a song attached to my memories.

Shared one with P today – a play list I made for a friend – gamer friend. He recently – I suppose its been almost a year at this point – amazing how that term recently changes as you age. I remember when “recently” used to mean past week/month at max – and now it encompases “years” sometimes. Had a conversation once about this with my paternal grandfather – when he explained something that he called recently that was before I was born as we continued the discussion. BUT I digress….

I had made this playlist called “Gnome Powa” for a friend. It was during the last expansion of a game we both play – there was this challenge mode thing and he was playing a “gnome mage” which way too complicated to explain here – he was streaming and I was watching him struggle. I realized he had the wrong tempo, and so I quickly thru together a playlist for him.

This is one of those “super power of Alethia” things I have – an ability to see a situation and feel the music for it. Its an AMAZING superpower, but not really financially leverageable. Which kinda makes me smile – because I wouldn’t give this superpower up for all the money in the world. There is something about the art in it that is more fun than money could possible buy. Its not my only superpower, but I have to say kinda hands down its one of my favorites.

Had an instance earlier in the week where spirit had me communicate with a friend about a circumstance she is going thru and I feel it was a beneficial communication, it allowed me to utilize another of my superpowers – again not one I am personally able to leverage – especially right now – although many people do – its the power to talk to spirit and get answers. Mostly it’s because I work for spirit. It’s not really a paying gig but its highly rewarding.

P and I made an interesting observation or rather I made it and shared it and he laughed but completely agreed. Apparently I’m prejudice against woman for most of my interactions. This came, when I realized in the game I’m playing these days when I can – Animal Crossing (AC) – I really mostly dislike all the female characters on my island. I don’t adore all the male ones – but its more rather of the ten characters the three I adore are all male. Its not so much that I hate/dislike all woman. Its more that there are often times I find myself feeling the need/desire to hold them to a higher standard. This reflection comes as an interesting one for me – considering I’ve always been feeling like there is 100% an inequality in this country for woman – its particularly prevalent in alot of the areas I’ve been exposed to over the past 20 years. To hold such a strong feeling and be part of the problem was an interesting revelation. Eyes wide open and such.

Was trying to find some songs today on Spotify – songs that have resonated for me for years – from my experiences when I regularly attended a christian church. Most of my memories from that time are song or performance – these are the things I held onto – and basically let all the other BS go – there was a show performed by some incredible artists at the time – the story of Joseph – and there was a song called “When god closes a door he opens a window” – which is apparently called “Dreamer” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slEheK0cfOg – spotify wasn’t having it. Good song, kinda one that has been like a lighthouse in my life for the 35-40 years since I heard it.

Had the scans/tests this week – I get the progress report all in one day on Tuesday. I’m a little nervous about this. I feel there will be really good news, and some potentially not so good news. I feel like it will be helpful to know and also sorta less optimistic to know – so basically it will be a reflection of life – all in the span of about 8 hours of 4 teledoc appts. I think its nicer for it to be teledoc 🙂 because then I can just get the news in the comfort of my own home and just enjoy my coffee and water and get hugs from P and Starbuck.

Maybe less rambling next time, but for now wrapping up like an old bugs bunny cartoon – thats all folks.

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