Getting to know you…

Getting to know all about you…..

I really love the learning about myself of the time and conditions right now. Was thinking earlier, about the fact that the family thing about my mom has always been “she will go anywhere” – she has a natural “lets go lets go” mentality – its part of her nature. One of the things I’ve learned, is that I’m a lets explore, lets explore – not quite the same thing, but pretty similar. I feel that I really enjoy the new opportunity – similiar to a quote from Winnie the Pooh – “Lets explore, if we don’t find anything pleasant, atleast we will find something new” — This is me.

One of the things I’m learning is I need to be a bit more cautious with this, Some things are NOT the best for me right now – NOT THE BEST, danger will robinson, danger!!

I am learning to understand why “Black lives matter” instead of just “all lives matter” – I’m learning to understand – this isn’t an easy thing for me, because it feels wrong to single out someone by the fact that they are black, even if it’s for a “seemingly” good reason. Singling people out for “works” or things that they have done or achieved seems right or good. Singling someone out for something beyond their control just hasn’t ever seemed right. I’m learning.

I’m working to learn the things that I need to be focusing on, the things that I have to accomplish. I know blogging is one of those things, its is satisfying to stream of consciousness. Its very satisfying to express the things I have seen and experienced in the world around me. Mostly its satisfying to share, and know that when I am wondering what I realized, I can go back and see that moment in my time, and feel the amazing sensations and memories I have experienced. It also lets me sort of clear out thoughts from my head, and the struggles that inhabit my head.

This is a good week, a week of recovery and feeling pretty good to work on the projects I have been staring around at for the past couple of weeks just not feeling strong enough to tackle. Thank you universe, for the energy to do some of these things this week, to clear out some things that could use being done.

I am blessed for all the prayers and kind thoughts I get from my friends and family. I can not express enough thanks for these things, and for the empowerment they give me for continuing to learn, and step in the poop of life that teaches me how to grow and become better and stronger. Some experiences might not be the best, but they are definitely new, just trying to move at a slow enough pace – a Pooh pace, so I can maybe miss a few of the ones that are not so good for me, and enjoy a few that are great.

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