Living in harmony

My nephew – one of them – had his birthday yesterday. This little guy has stolen part of my heart – I can’t exactly explain why, but the smile he gives me sometimes, is just like the whole of the universe exists behind his eyes, and he knows things.

He had his birthday yesterday. Its a little sad for me, that I didn’t get to hug him. I know its the right thing that his parents are doing, to protect him, holding to a stringent social isolating thing. I miss him.

Sometimes I feel like imagination allows us to get smarter, and the creativity unlocks some magical door that allows us to have access to the infinite power of the universe. Somehow I visualize this world, our world, in terms of the amount of things that people have to learn. The infinite cosmic possibilities that exist. Then I hear about the lack of humanity that someone has done, and it makes me fall off this beautiful place where I see infinite possibilities for growth and good, and realize we are all just humans. Doing the best that we feel we can, each time thinking of ourselves first – which is right, but sometimes maybe we should consider others before we act.

My nephew, one of the things about him – he thinks alot. I have watched him consider things, to step back mentally and evaluate them. If a five year old can do this, we all can…. go slower, and consider, how it might be for someone else.

Even the things we think are “OMG this is a lovely thing” – think about how it could be not lovely for someone else. My sister, has challenged me alot lately on this, making me step outside of my box, and look at the box from the outside.

The imagination land is even more broad and wide when you step outside of the possible, and consider the infinite universe from the frame of it having confines.

From my meditations, from my prayers, from my perspective and believes, there is no outside of the box. The box has no sides, no walls. These are all just constructs of our imagination that confine us, and allow us to perceive things. Energy is infinite. It’s what we chose to do with it that is finite. How it will impact someone else is finite. Our reactions to someone else, and how they have taken to form some energy and presented it to us – whether we chose to accept it in the form they presented, or shape it into the perfect form for us to receive. These are within our control.

The choice to live in harmony is personal. Its much easier to not. Its much easier to react, to choice to see each bit of energy and just react to it. But its possible, to see the energy and reform it to be what it needs to be for me.

Intention, I believe is somehow less of a construct. Its somehow important. Its not like complete absolution from doing bad things, but it is somehow a consideration point.

The conversation with my sister went something like this – with me pointing out that the documents that found our country – the declaration of independence – isn’t really racist. Her pointing out that it was formed and written by slave owners, so how could it not.

Her points are valid. My points aren’t invalid. There really isn’t disharmony between these two views. There is just energy, that requires a little creativity, a little imagination to make it comply with “the best case” – Much smarter people than me are required for this, as I have reached the point where I am not as smart I as used to be, where my brain needs to focus on things that are not being mickey mouse trying to learn as the sorcerer’s apprentice to control the ebb and flow of time and space.

My job is to stay alive. To be here, as a resource to help show “maybe this could be…” – My hope, is that the smarter people – the next generation – My nephew – will help us solve the problems. Perhaps their infinite cosmic wisdom will provide us with the solutions we need.

He sees the world differently. Perhaps if we don’t muck up his world too much he will be able to show us how we need to live. How we can fix social inequality. How to resolve decades of inbalance.

How to live in harmony.

He is five now, maybe that is old enough to save the world.

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