Buried Treasure

In the movie Aladin – they called him “the diamond in the rough” and I really think that applies to me – pretty much everyone I know. There are things we are amazing at, but there are things we are still being polished into the diamond. Letting our lights shine, and getting amazing.

Found out that one of my favorite artists put out a song right before my birthday (april 13) that I hadn’t heard – and it is so inspiring to me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxMaHi91RkE

It was a pretty inspiring song yesterday, and goes pretty great on my playlist. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4u7hixTLVJAZFvVUl7Ybp7?si=mh0oCAWwTNCfXI9EZQ-wWw

This is a time of dynamic things – people moving on to greater activities, everyone learning. Everyone evolving. My personal evolution is no exception, I’m learning how to be healed, how to be healthy, and how to be stronger.

A friend has been doing two nightly meditations live streams on facebook every night, and they are so so powerful, a little late for me, as I am tending to wind down and sleep before they get rolling. https://www.facebook.com/1397062107/videos/10223239207433956/

I did manage to make both of his the other day, and I wrapped it up feeling so incredible and empowered, it was a perfect place to be to get the most and best restorative stress.

I’m realizing that I have alot of things I want to accomplish before I take my next trip. Trying not to put too many eggs in one basket, but pretty excited about these, and the progress I’m making so far….

I’m feeling very grateful and very blessed for the things I am learning and experiencing and for the opportunities to reconnect with people in my life, and to strengthen my relationships with others. I think the ability to see this as a miracle instead of a grievance is an amazing skill I have learned a few years back – thanks to Deepak Chopra and his album Soul of Healing Affirmations – so so good – https://open.spotify.com/album/76DNPhJm5d78YiD4U4KnN9?si=QYWl03KWT1-FfFxIJhmZeQ

Starbuck has been working to rebuild trust with me, and we are in a much better stronger place right now. Its also amusing to see how much progress P is making – he has been doing incredible things in his garage – its actually starting to feel like its workable, and the projects are starting to seem plausible.

Overall Life is good. This is a tribute to an incredible woman that has moved on back to energy. May her incredible spirit always be with me, as well as the rest of her loved ones, and may she have peace and contemptment till the end of time. Love you Margaret, be at peace.

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