North is sometimes South

Direction and perspective frame everything of who I am. I was given a piece of information that was so small and humbling that the fact that it turned so many of my understandings upside down and around, is overwhelming

Sometimes when I think I understand a thing, it is a good idea to turn it upside down or atleast lean it to another side, to make sure that I haven’t missed something totally obvious in the midst of all my “understanding”.

I’m beginning to realize that my understanding has always been conditional. Upon the condition that the frame is facing the same way as my frame. Sort of like trying to put a triangle into a square hole. There is a condition upon which it will fit – maybe not well, but definitely fit – but not if you are looking at it from the front, overwhelming condition of “no way”

My mind likes data analysis. It’s been chewing on this problem of hidden prejudices for a bit now, and it’s come to a very frightening and overwhelming reality of the fact that they are not native to this country, nor are they less than several thousand years old.

In the dark ages, (an odd but appropriate to this point named period) the bible was re-scribed/interpreted by scholars of the day – that were white males with an agenda. This is sorta something of common knowledge, but the depth of this hadn’t been in my frame yet, until today.

As humans, we like to have symmetry – our brains seek that symmetry – the patterns. Most of nature provides us with that symmetry so it’s a pretty great synergistic relationship. Just because there is a pattern doesn’t mean its correct or accurate, it just means there is a pattern, sometimes turning that pattern inside out, or upside down, or to the North – provides a much much clearer revelation.

Going to have to work with these thoughts and things a bit more – or rather let my sandbox of a brain play a little more to see what other “trees” it can find in the forest.

The bird nesting in my marigold gave me a bit of a squawking at (from a distance) yesterday – even though I told her before she built the nest in here, I did plan to continue daily waterings of this plant. She was not at all amused (for the third or fourth time) of my sprinkling her with water in the midst of ensuring that the plant has enough water to thrive. I think, there maybe an egg or even a baby in that nest already, I thought I heard little chirping, which would explain the squawking. I will keep monitoring on it to ensure I haven’t stranded some babies due to daily waterings. Overall – Marigold is doing well, and i guess birds are doing well, since she hasn’t abandoned the nest yet.

So many blessings in the midst of so much of this difficulty. P took me out to run an errand yesterday, and we took the long way so I could have a little drive to clear my head and the cobwebs from being inside so much. It was amazing, got to see some fields of sunflowers.

Things are growing, things are being born, life is going on just as intended. We will too. Might as well smile and be happy along the ride.

One thought on “North is sometimes South”

  1. I love you from an encompassed perspective. I love being in your circle of friends and loved ones. I enjoy reading your posts. You are an amazing woman and a beautiful soul.
    Please continue learning, sharing and healing.
    Perhaps you might skip a day of watering the marigolds especially when there is rain in the air. 😘

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