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Song for today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijAYN9zVnwg

well, I should say one of two – found out that one of my favorite artists – Pitbull put a song out the day before my birthday which is also pretty fantastic to match my mood – its here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxMaHi91RkE

It feels like it might turn out to be, feels like it could undoubtedly – feels like a rather glorious day… Good day for the win.

Things are healing, my mind is relaxing, I feel good. Now it’s time to work on projects – slowly, like the turtle – https://youtu.be/DnyARDndvUg – the deadly turtle – slow and steady to win the race.

There is a beautiful video scape on the apple tv for the desert in UAE. Its one of those places I would very much like to see, that just doesn’t seem realistic for me. I was realizing that many of the places I want to see, want to experience aren’t especially practical, but its something about building/adding to my memory base of “there exist in the world” – similar to the wanting to visit so many societies.

I think my favorite part of the trip to Utah – was when the kind lady Terry took me out on a hike – and we got far enough out to just be surrounded by the red mountains – for as far as the eye could see, just something being overcome by the richness, the deepness and the overdefying greatness of nature is so humbling and refreshing to me, its like when I meditate, and I tap into source energy – which is limitless – its having a place a “home” for some of that energy. Where the universe has left an open glass of the finest beer or wine for me to indulge and experience – for only the work of “getting there”

There are two elements to my love and need for travel – this is the first. The second is a little more convoluted – People are different. Cultures are different, some by necessity, some evolved from the necessity and the society. I have experienced so many of these, but its like a drop in the bucket for whats out there. Some of them – I have the luxury of being able to not “need” to actually visit, I can experience them thru my meditations where I “visit” the place, and hold conversations with some of the other meditative inclined people there – its not the exact same as physically visiting, but it IS much safe – which is a worth noting point in this time.

There are just so many places I really want to visit, Bali, New Zealand, Australia, Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, Iceland, Greece, Canada several places — not to mention the places I want to go back to for “reasons” – Golden Gate Bridge walk – Utah walk – Hawaii – India – Spokane – etc…..

So many things, so many experiences to have and share. …. the goal right now, is to cultivate “THIS” as “home” – hard transition for me – home has always been the people, not the structure, or the place. Transitioning that feeling into a location is just challenging. I am learning bit by bit.

Little turtle climbing to the waterfall. I’m sure I’ll make it, just gotta keep swimming.

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