Beautiful Day

We went out to run some errands today, and it was just one of those terrible enviable Texas days. The ones where its just the perfect temperature, bordering on almost too warm, but where when the car is moving and the windows are down, the air blows cool and you feel empowered like the world is your oyster and you can do whatever you want.

These days aren’t impossible rare, but they are definitely more rare than just uncommon. I suppose probably some parts of the world have more of these than not – San Diego seemed to have more of them, but there were other things to make them not quite as beautiful IMHO.

Here, the roads, the highways, the speed limit is so fast, that cars just move, and there is really – or there was today, very little traffic. There are truly wide open spaces still here in Texas, where you can drive with just open fields.

Today we were driving and there were trees randomly – or seemingly randomly to me – planted in this giant field. P told me they are planted to be wind breaks. He explained this concept to me, and its something I hadn’t considered before, but it truly made sense.

The more I learn about Texas, the more interesting it becomes. Some things make me shake my head, and others make me just say “bless its little heart”

It was a good day. One where I’m not only happy to be alive, but I felt like I was thriving. Felt the vitality coursing thru my body.

I slept late today, and when I woke, P was out doing a project of his own in the garage, with Starbuck. It was pretty adorable. He went back out after the drive and did a couple more projects. Its incredible to me, how this time at home has really helped both of us evolve into better humans.

I’m realizing, that a thing I haven’t ever quite settled on is finding a “spot” as “home” – for me home isn’t really a place, or a thing its just the people. For P its not the people or the spot, its the “things” We are both adapting, and its a subtle thing, but its also a pretty amazing thing.

I love the fact that we are learning together. I am so grateful for these times for us to do that, to have this time to embrace some of the best qualities in each other, and learn how to help each other thrive and be stronger. There is hope for all of humanity, if we can just all help each other do this.

I learned another thing today, as we went to Starbucks, and there were just gobs of people there, not really social distancing, and not wearing masks. I watched from a safe distance, wearing my mask, and I noticed my head started pounding. I’m extremely sensitive to the energy of others, especially right now. I mentioned this to P when I got back in the car, and he acknowledge, and told me it would be okay, and he made another loop for me on the highway to help me clear my head and relax into the amazing breeze.

Thank you universe for educating me, and allowing me to learn in a safe and protected way some of my best and worst skills, and to help me have a friend to go along with…..

It will be a busy week, but I’m pretty excited I get to put off scans until early July – I’ll have all of the battery of tests together, so I get some time to just work on myself and healing. Pretty exciting, especially as I’m feeling stronger.

Here is to good days, filled with lots of humor, lots of joy, love and an abundance of happiness. Like a keg of beer, lets pass these around, don’t worry, the universe as an abundance of source, will never run dry of these things, there is plenty of them to share till we all reach our fill.

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