Healing Dreams – what will they think of next

Had another series of those wacky healing type dreams again recently.

The first was well – first prelude. I play this game called “Hearthstone” its by Blizzard – and its a personal card game where you can play against other players, or against the computer in adventures. I’ve played for years, and I’m not a terrible player but definitely not a great or strong player, but I enjoy it greatly, because it just has some elements of RNG (random number generator) that are “fun” for me, and some that are just unforgiving, and difficult. The adventures are pretty straight forward, some of them are really alot more difficult than others. I have been working on completing/finishing one for a few weeks, and I finally the night before the dream finished it. It was glorious, it was so unexpected, I play to play when I win its rather unexpected and its like the speakers amp up and I hear crowds cheering “we are the champions” and I feel the need to dance around and do the happy dance.

So I had gone to bed on the back of this triumphant victory, and so unexpectedly the “healing” dream was about this win – I was replaying this win, except I was “beating” the issues in my body, and the cards played were “towards wins” – it was one of those types of dreams where each iteration – and there were many because it was a “win” and I was utilizing it to “amp” healing – so my mind would start it over, and we would “practice” it again. Sufficed to say, I woke up physically feeling much better. Even though all the steps were game related, they “felt” like they had worked on problem areas in my body, and those areas felt “better” — “Hagatha” was the boss in Hearthstone I beat – and “beating Hagatha” all night – seems to have made me stronger, and healthier. Go figure 🙂 if it works, it works.

So the most recent dream a little more far out, but a little more specific. Having some issues with a weird thing. My body, after 47 years has decided to finally develop a Boil. It also seems to have taken a poll and decided that a “most inconvenient” or rather a “significant challenging” place to put this was in my fake belly button. While I was working on healing this, it was seeming to be getting not better fast enough, and due to conditions in the world, and in my body, the idea of an infection was not at all appealing, so I reached out to Dr J for guidance – did I need to go to urgent care? After some direction, she called me in an RX for antibiotics, which I realized are the first ones I’ve taken in 5 years. Go team for the Big C making me healthier? Or rather the one forcing my body to not allow the others? IDK – now as I get healthier its like my body has finally decided to say “Oh yeah, well lets see how you do with XYZ” – this time XYZ is this boil.

So we got an antibiotic. And I started it last night, and realized relatively quickly two things. One – she ordered an extremely high dose/powerful one for me. Two – it was helping.

So my dreams are well, a little bit clarified. After the second dose, it was time to crash for the night, and the wacky dreams that came were me attacking this boil. Attacking is somewhat incorrect, more like working to heal it – in this dream, the antibiotics were like this Hanz and Franz team that were helping – Dr J was there, but she was like this giant moth ball – not really a “moth” ball, but a “something” that had to be dispersed to do “medical things” that helped before Hanz and Franz could get in there and pump this thing up – they were trying to show it how to heal, and what needed to happen to get back into the right shape.

Ever iteration of this dream more “things” came along to help. There were more “moth ball like things/tools” that came out of the wood work to help – and DR J was coordinating them, as she had me relax and lay still to allow the other minions to coordinate. Each iteration I would feel a little better, a little stronger.

After a few iterations I’d wake for the nightly trips to make the bladder happy – and I was amazed how much better I felt. I’d drink some more water, head back to comfortable position, and Dr J would take back over the rehab of this bad booboo. It was a sorta weird/surreal experience. I woke when the Antibiotic wore off, so I figure this is a sign that it was a medicine induced dream.

Overall its a happier day than others – somehow having dreams were my body remembers that we got this, that it can do this, and that this is a small thing along the trail – somehow – those are super empowering.

Weird fantasy land dreams always somewhat make me happy – its the overactive imagination of my mind. Where I still believe rainbows can come out of the hearts of bears in the carebear stare, and they can still do the magic of healing and helping people.

Maybe we all just need a little more carebear stare 🙂 Rainbows all around!

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