The mind thinks, but the heart believes.

Going to wax on about Intuition. Intuition is this force, its a form of energy, it flows from the source – although it feels like it flows up from the dirt often, or flows down from the clouds depending upon what I’m asking or what I am needing. Sometimes, it feels like it flows like the carebear stare – right into my heart. It always comes out thru my heart, having the energy source from variable places has been something that my mind has been curious about. It feels often, like a child seeking an answer from Mother, Father, or a friend. The answer is there, and its not more right or more wrong depending upon the source, but its often different.

When the answer comes into my heart, it goes thru this filter system. Truth, is one of the filters. However, truth is a very subjective thing, because what is true for me, is not necessarily true for you – and just because its true for me at the moment, doesn’t mean it will be true for me tomorrow, next week, next year. Truth is somewhat a sneaky thing, its only valid in the heartbeat of the moment. While there are “things” that seem to stay constant, that doesn’t necessarily make them truth – although I guess calling them truth makes it a much easier way to discuss them.

Trust. Its based upon experiences, and perception of truth. What I perceive to be expected result is something I can rely on or trust – its a mind thing, but its also a heart thing – its one of those areas where they work together – Mind says “we expect X” – Heart says “well thats ridiculous, how can that possible be…” – Mind says “from past expectation, and from predictable variables” — Heart says “but we know it feels like this, so shouldn’t it just be this instead?” — Mind laughs and says, grow up heart, we know that X+Y= Z – we have told you this a thousand times, when will you learn. Heart pauses, and says “you aren’t always right mind, sometimes, Z becomes M — X becomes <3 and Y becomes 🙂 and the formula becomes <3 + 🙂 = Me. …. Mind says, “sigh, sometimes I just don’t feel you”…… Heart says, ” thats why you have me, to do the feeling, now I feel we can do X and I feel we can do Y – and while I know they should be Z – I feel they will be R instead – can you find some confirmation for R? — Mind says “Well, R does happen sometimes …. you might be right….. And as soon as we feel that “might be right” …. Heart is certain it will be right, and we suddenly believe.

Belief is a powerful thing. It can move mountains, change the face of the planet, change the dimension and atmosphere of our lives, and make impossible things occur at the blink of an eye, with no time or barrriers.

The mind is strong, the heart is powerful, and together they make the intuition to lead us to ultimate cosmic power – Itty Bitty Living space – our bodies after all, in comparison to the size of the universe are relatively itty bitty living spaces. We are pretty much the genie in the lamp – except our wishes are somewhat infinite. We all have the power to make live better for ourselves, those we love, and the world as a whole. Of course, the balance is we all have the power to make decisions to make lives more difficult for ourselves, for those we love, and for the world as a whole. The struggle is letting the heart show the mind the better way, and the less stressful way and the healthier, stronger way that leads us to a more harmonious state of being.

This is an interesting time we are living in. There were some times, back in the 70s and then the 80s and then the 90s and then the early 00s that were interestnig, but I think in hindsight, this time will probably be one that leaves a more lasting impact for longer on many minds, hearts, believes and intuitions than many of the past – although when I think about the creative inspirations that came out of many of those times in music, art, media, machinary, mechanism, medicine – government – its not difficult to say, its all a circle that repeats again and again – going on with the idea that time is a circle, not linear as its easier to postulate.

The universe or god or spirit or whomever you believe and empower with your believes that gives us warnings and signs has shown us many leading signs to this state, many intuitions were and are available of courses that would be easier and kinder to take for this….. It also has provided much information about how to help where we can, who we can, and who to avoid for safety. There are times, when it’s important to pay attention to the message from the flight attendant, and put on your own mask before trying to help someone else. — Can’t really help someone else if your dead.

A smart person, recently reminded me that Virus’s are like unwelcome guests. Its an import thing to remind your cells, that you do NOT welcome them into your body. Your body, your cells enjoy the sound of your voice, your words. It’s important for you to vocalize and rebuke or just state that virus are not welcome in your life, in your heart, in your body temple. Your mind might not believe you, but your cells and your heart will, and your intuition will pat you on the back for wise ways.

Bodies are strong, our cells have the tools of infinity within them. They can heal, they can manifest miraculous things, they can also stop plagues, and wars, and refuse to listen to propaganda. I just have to remember to feed mine, to clean mine, and to thank the creator for helping mine heal.

Had chemo treatment this week – I had to be a PITA patient this week. My oncology doctor, she is being — well I think its noble and I commend her, for donating her time one week every three to the hospital to help with the increased load there. That being said, every three weeks lines up with my chemo treatments, and as I must see my doctor before each treatment – its been 3 treatments since I “saw my doctor” – I’ve been relegated to a PA – don’t get me wrong – this Physician Assistant is great, she is gold star. However, she is not a doctor. I have some — weirdness – My potassium level is being monitored ever week, due to it dropping … dangerously low, and me being prescribed/forced to take 120 MG – 3 horse pills twice a day. While I recognize other people having pressing needs. I too have value, and pressing needs. Seeing my doctor with this weirdness, and also with my recent test (CT/BoneScan/MRI) seemed like “the way” when the nurse recently called to let me know – my dr would not be available, but she could schedule me <again> with the PA – and I a little more … direct than polite, confirmed for her that I really wanted to see my doctor. MY doctors nurse called to explain, and also to let me know that I’d be able to see my doctor “again soon” – and offered to let me delay treatment – which I strongly felt was the WRONG course, so we met with the PA, and I got the treatment – and apparently the universe shifting the week my doctor does hospital things, so the next treatment she should be available to see me – which seems good to me. It “feels” a little rough, trying to surf the wave of “what is the right amount of wave to make” vs “what is the right amount of bend over and take it” to take…. I want to heal as quickly as possible, so I’m riding the intuition wave of “say this not that” – sometimes it feels good, other times it feels – well it mostly makes me wonder. I didn’t want to make that nurses day harder for her calling me and me effectively throwing a fit – but I DID feel justified in my request. I spoke to the specific nurse when I went in for treatment, and she brushed it off like it didn’t matter. I know being a strong patient advocate is something all of the nurses respect, but it still feels bad when you have to make someone else’s day harder to get the best possible result for yourself. Thank you people for helping me.

Have been working thru some old stores of emotional baggage lately. When this happens, something current triggers me to feel X emotion – usually frustration or sadness – apparently I have a shit ton of those stored. And I flash back to some — well the timeline on the old memories is really very broad – most recent was something from high school that suddenly popped into my head as I was crying over some little thing – well suddenly I felt the emotion from the incident then, where I had suppressed the emotion, and I felt my tears releasing it from the cells, felt overall alot better – the emotion from the current thing was alot less than the old thing, but somehow the release worked for both. I’ve been having over the past few months alot of these releases. They generally feel incredible when they are done, they feel like I have released not only some thing that hurt me and was holding me back, but also something very prickly from my body, my body feels softer, and generally I feel filled with warm fuzzies. Its just weird to my mind that I have to truly cry, feeling the sadness well up or the anger or most often the frustration. P is a trooper as he has taken the brunt of these releases, and he has been magnamious with understanding, letting me have the release and talk things out and not judging, or taking it in and just letting me know its okay.

Generally life is good. Life is filled with Blessings – This is the decade of gratitude, maybe we will have more to be grateful for as we move further into this decade. Build the foundations now so we can enjoy and celebrate them later.

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