So many things about Texas

There are so many quotes or things that Texans, or really people who are adopted texans like me – talk about. Like the motto “don’t mess with Texas” so so true. Bluebonnets, amazing wildflowers in general, laid back southern hospitality, a community sincerity that is hard to explain to someone who isn’t in or from Texas. – When P and I first moved here, the thing that struck me the most – it was 1999 October, and the people – all of them everywhere you went still said “Merry Christmas” – it wasn’t that they were at all being politically incorrect, or considering at all the possible offense, it was just what they did….. it was the fact that in 1999 you could still write a check to pay for McDonalds, or Convenience store things in Texas – a foreign concept to us being from California. We quickly – as most folks do, adapted and welcomed this charm. There is just something that sticks in your heart about it, people first – is kinda the mantra. I’m not at all claiming texas or texans are perfect – we all have growing, learning, developing to do – but there is something about Texas that – well it just wraps the soul in a warm blanket on a cold night and somehow that makes you feel better.

When I was living originally in Florida – born and raised and spent the first 24 years in – and its a tourist place, a place where people go to visit, vacation, retire – basically its mentality just didn’t meld with mine. I have family and friends that find balance, and chi about this place, they find harmony within it – but somehow it just isn’t for me.

When we moved – right after my 24th birthday to San Diego – I was well, its culture shock. California is really incredible, very different and somehow very much the same as Florida. Its a place where people go to visit, vacation, and retire. Its also a place of glitz and glamour – much like Florida is now to be honest, decades later. It’s also an incredible place of competition and imagination or costumes and fantasy.

Texas has places that are incredible to visit, but it will just never really be a tourist destination. It – like most of the world is a place people retire, but its not exactly a place “people go to retire” – while people vacation here, its also not a vacation destination – we have seasonal thingies – like Renfaires, concerts, and amazing sights to see at specific times – aka Bluebonnet blooming. Overall, we are just a family – and the people who are here, are either part of our family, part of our Families Family that came to visit – or they are students attending one of our Fine Universities – “Go Texas”

There are alot of things about this state, that as an outsider seem – well backward – and I’ll confess as an insider they are often cause for “scratching my head” <– Texas way of saying does not compute. Or another of my favorite Texas expressions “Bless her/his heart” – which basically is the most ridiculous thing because its a way of both shaking the head and totally calling someone a nut job – in the most respectful and polite way while simultaneously hoping and thanking God for taking care of them – God loves the outcasts/underdogs/challenged folks best – thank god I’m one of these!

Dunno why I felt like waxing poetic about Texas today but … The stars at night are big and bright… Deep in the heart of Texas…..

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