Good Choices – 6 Prayer

As I am writing this one, I am filled with a overwhelming sense of both concern and bliss.

For me, in my life, Prayer is always has always and will forever always be a good choice. It is also, like most or many of the good choices I have written about to date, generally a good choice for everyone. Its kinda a no brainer. I feel like maybe instead of singing the praises of prayer in this post, that maybe I should define and qualify what prayer is, since it seems to have over time, and over life and society gotten a very niche picture, which is not at all a full representation or a true representation of its power and majesty.

Let me start by stating, Prayer works for atheists. It does not in and of itself require or necessitate a deity controlling or predestining or harnessing the ask.

Prayer is asking. Meditation is relaxing, and thinking. Prayer is asking.

We as a universe, are connected. Science has even proven this to be the case. Every spec of energy is connected and flows in and out of each other. Prayer is the process of asking and speaking to that energy for intent.

Personally, I believe in God. I believe in a energy source, and its often easy to refer to that as God for me. Its not that I chose to define limits, or need a visual representation of that, for me, when I pray, I pray to the beauty of a black hole, or the birth of a star, the God that is the cosmos, of which I am truly a part, and my beauty my energy resides within that wholeness of universal existence.

Its often been a thing for me, that we like labels. We like pictures that give clear small limited definitions of how things are, and how we perceive them to be. Its much easier to fill up a glass with water, if you know what the glass looks like, how big it is, and how to turn on the water. For some people, prayer requires God to take on a form that is more physical, and more human like….. For me that’s a huge bit of a limit, but I will not judge what works for someone else.

Prayer is important. There is an old adage about “if you had just asked me….”…. I rather think of prayer as “asking for what you want”

If you don’t ask, its alot less likely to occur. There is never any harm in asking, even if you are almost certain the answer will be no. Asking puts into the universe the fact that you would like to have something.

Prayer is asking, ask for what you want, and do this on the regular.

There is a funny thing about prayer, the more aware and cognizant you become of that universal energy, the more positive and reciprocal impact it has on your life. I can not exactly express when or where this started to occur to me, but it has been years at this point, and its worth mentioning.

Because of the energy being connected, because we are all really one, even though we have these cute physical blobs of skin and blood, and other visceral matter that gives us a perception of being individual and disconnected, we forget that we are all connected. When you pray, or when someone prays for you, the energy is connected, it touches. You can feel it. You know, the person who prayed for you, you can touch their heart, feel their truth, and it is one of the most inspiring and awesome feelings in the world.

For me, its like a little spark or jolt of warmth that starts in my heart and basically resonates all throughout me. Its a connection that is unshakable and undeniable, although a little hard to put into tangible touchable feelings, that’s what hugs are for… sometimes a little harder from a distance.

I pray daily, multiple times a day to be honest, its part of my morning and evening rituals, and anytime I feel something is not in alignment with my goals, or is generating any type of feeling that is not working for me, I pray.

I have prayed for as long as I remember. From the time I was very little and I got stuck in the toilet, or lost in a restaurant, I prayed for help. I often prayed.

Prayer brings solace, and also brings a peace that you have made your request, it has been heard and it will work out in the best course for the entire universe. There is something humbling and beautiful about that knowledge, in the moment and a peaceful serenity that lingers after.

It is worth mentioning at this time, I have had thousands of prayer warriors pray for me over the past years, I have felt their energy, their strength there resolve, there hopes, there dreams and touched all of their hearts, and it is awe inspiring to realize how many points of light we have on this planet, and how prayer connects us all. Thank you individually, and collectively to everyone of you for your prayers, they are welcome, and have helped me on my journey.

Please pray.

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