Good Choices – 5 Meditation

I remember learning meditation early., as a part really of long time prayer. I remember the concept and the art of it sticking with me, but I don’t think the benefit ever really soaked into my skin until my 20s.

I relearned meditation as a part of my religious and spiritual journeys. I remember meditating for two weeks on a single thing, a very odd mundane thing, from a book I had read.

Meditation is one of those things, that is extremely profound., but you can’t learn it from someone else. Its also one of those things that is so easy to forget, or rather chose that its not time vs reward based. This is short sighted., or atleast is so for me.

I have found, over the course of my life that meditation is always beneficial, even if it just ends up being a short nap in the short term.

Getting back into a meditation practice seems to take me about 2 weeks worth of daily dedication before my meditations actually turn into something that is tangible, and feels significant. It doesn’t matter whether they are 5/10 minutes of time or 20/40 minutes of time, what matters is the daily commitment to myself.

Even if they do just turn into a nap, its completely restorative time that does nothing for you except make you feel better, more grounded, and as if you are able to conquer the world.

When it works, when I get into the zone, where meditation is what I’m actually doing for the bulk of the time, when I finish the meditation more alive, more awake less asleep than I started, when I am not groggy coming out of the meditation, I feel the power and source and strength of my whole. My heart is balanced.

I’ve been using a tool a friend recommended over a year ago – closer to 2 years at this point, a phone app called Insight timer This app is a wonder, I’m certain there are others, but this one is free, and has an incredible source of great guru that are meditating daily on a variety of helpful subjects that provide the opportunity to utilize someone else strength to guide you to your own. It also has a great structure for newbie meditators, as it has alot of 5 minute meditations, that will help you slowly build up time. The best part is that if a voice or a thought doesn’t resonate with you, you turn it off and search again.

I meditate on a biomat. These things are not a cheap investment, however, my intuition led me to them, and my pocketbook yelled kicking and screaming for more than a year before I broke down and purchased. I will sing their praises forever, and highly recommend them to anyone.

Its basically a glorified heating pad, that is made of amethyst crystal shards covered in a conductive material. It has a timer, and the heat is able to be set from slightly below body temp, to quite warm. They make a full body one, and a travel one that is basically neck and back.

Crystals are interesting things, they have a resonance to them. Amethyst crystals resonate with raw potential. They amplify energy. As I am using them for meditation, they are amplifying the energy that I am working with for my healing and higher good. They have a frequency that naturally works with healing, it helps tune your chakras into that frequency, and while I will not say that it makes life easier or better in and of themselves, I feel my meditations are significantly enhanced thru use of this mat.

It is very hard to quantify the improvement thru meditation, and very easy to be skeptical. It is also very easy to say “I will do this work” and then not realize its benefit.

I have come to realize that part of my healing requires me to “do the work” not just physical, but mental, emotional and spiritual. This daily meditation is part of my spiritual, mental and emotional “work”.

I do not take this job lightly, it is my life. Enjoying living it and living it to the fullest is my top goal and priority.

Most of the meditations I am focusing on lately are oddly not about healing but about forgiveness. My meditation practice, as well as a healing session with a healer recently made me aware of the fact that forgivingness for myself is something that it would be good to clear and practice on, and the bounty of the reward for meditation has been producing its 10 fold results, in very short order. I feel better, stronger and healthier.

Now time to go tackle my morning, my last radiation treatment and the happiness in my life.

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