Good Choices – 7 Dial it up to 11

Today’s good choice is Intuition.

I feel I have always had really strong, really good and really really powerful intuition. For the bulk of my life, I remember developing this super early, I remember memories from being very young and knowing about things.

For the bulk of my life, my intuition has been on and spot on at a volume of 2-3. Meaning, I could hear that strong powerful resonate voice in my head, and know what it meant, but it was also pretty easy to take a back seat and be bluntly ignored.

One of the choices I have actively made, as I work to heal my body, to make it stronger, to clean out all the cancer, to sweep the proverbial cobwebs away and be the beautiful person I know I am. …. is to actively turn that intuition up to 11.

At some point after, I believe it was honestly after getting back from my London trip, my intuition and I had this come to Alethia conversation. I recall, discussing things with myself, like an internal meditation, I don’t recall the details of the conversation, so I’m not precisely certain how I turned the intuition up. It was not a fast process, it was like climbing a step ladder that had a thousand steps.

The visual for this process for me, makes me think of one of those temples you find pictures of with so so so so many steps.

From my meditations, I know that I now know how to actively turn up my intuition. I would not say I have mastered this technique, but I would say I understand the fundamentals enough to get myself back to Loud Intuition.

Loud Intuition is so so great. I can’t speak highly enough of this, because bluntly its impossible to ignore. When you are trying to heal yourself, you need your intuition to be screaming at you, like the teacher, like the healer it is…. It knows, you know, what you need, just gotta pay attention and do the work.

I have countless examples of using this loud intuition and having them make my life recently so much better.

Its a pretty new thing for dialing it up, but I have to say that I have yet to find any downside. I am just so much more aware of everything around me, and the easiest, best and most correct path for me to follow. I will say, that it does take the foreknowledge that I’m not responsible for anyone else but myself, and not taking other peoples journeys, but this is a lesson that I had gotten under the belt so to speak long before turning up the intuition.

Intuition is powerful, it is also relaxing and freeing. It feels good, it feels whole, it feels like the best things in life all bundled up in to a warm fuzzy package of love, hope and all the possibilities of the universe.

Highly recommend getting into resonance with intuition. Its a super good choice.

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