Cancer Part Three of Four

In this, part 3, I’m going to explore a concept, a truth, and a come to the edge of the cliff realization, all of which took place along my journey, and are still impacting my journey today. I am going to speak, in raw truth terms in this blog, and this will be my only qualification for the fact that everyone has different conditions, everyone has different truths, and this will not be a true telling for every other person – only for me. So when you read my propaganda about cancer, know that it is 100% my truth, but it does not necessarily reflect every other 100% cancer survivor, nor would I ever claim to be an expert on anyone else state or cancer than my own.

First, lets talk about Cancer. “They” – we are not going to discuss they, just call them they – this isn’t a judgemental term, just a common term to mean “us, and those other people with more knowledge than us or whatever agenda is available, good bad indifferent…”… They used to say that cancer was a genetic disease. And while, there is an element of genetics (Think laws of natural selection in terms of mother natures ability to control excess population or weed out weakness in preditors) to cancer. Overall, cancer is NOT a genetic disease. Cancer is a metabolic disease.

I’m not going to assume you know what a metabolic disease is, I certainly didn’t, and the concept of this was mind baffling to me. I am pretty sure you probably have heard about metabolism, as the majority of us are obese, fat, or generally well aware of how metabolism impacts life. Sufficed to say, that cancer is a disease that develops, thrives and impacts the body based upon metabolic conditions.

Our bodies are strong, our genes are strong. We are subjected thru this great planet many times every day to cancer. Our body just kills it.

What allows tumors to grow, is poor life choices, and damage to our bodies that is precancerous.

We are humans, we make a billion choices every day. Mentally, Physically, emotionally, consciously, unconsciously, spiritually. Turn left, get the latte, eat the sandwich, walk the dog, shut the door… all of these life choices, can be qualified by ourselves, and our bodies as falling into 3 categories.

Good decisions, the ones that lead towards your goals, that push you ahead in the right way, and even sometimes though they are painful in the moment the lingering good out of them is usually resonate and far outweighing of the momentary discomfort.

Bad decisions, these often feel good in the moment, but usually there is a negative emotion attached with everyone, as we have learned how to feel guilty about these, or learned to hold onto fear, or concern or doubt. So even though these momentarily feel good, they are not good, they are not good for us and generally they produce harm.

Neutral decisions. These are the ones that are tricky. Sometimes they have elements we know to be bad, but often times have elements we know to be good. They are coping mechanism decisions often.

Cancer develops by making too many bad decisions. The location of cancer, is directly related to the area of our lives in which are are making too many bad decisions, there is not a randomness to the development of cancer tumors. Bad decisions weaken the body in specific areas, these bad decisions allow weak cancer cells to form clusters, huddle, wait for us to make more bad decisions, where they are able to develop an ecosystem, and thrive, build giant tumor cities, and spread out to other weakened systems.

The most insidious part about cancer cells is that they are not some foreign invader. They are our own cells, that we, thru bad decisions have mutated into cancer cells. This is both a beautiful and a frightening thing to realize. Beautiful because in a way, they are our bodies natural method for trying to sustain us, the human in a terrible environment of poor choices, a way to harness all those bad decisions into something that thrives. Frightening because with this ultimate power of responsibility for our decisions, comes the power to turn this around, and to remove these bad patterns, bad habits, and bad decision making in order to allow our body to heal this cancer.

One thing to mention, decisions are intimately personal. What is a “good” decision for me, Alethia, in my life. Maybe a horrible bad decision for you. And visa versa. This makes it very difficult to come to a common ground on how do I fix this problem, once you identify it, because the fix for one person, is likely never going to be identical to another. This is why western medicine has issues, they are trained to look for patterns, and to base all treatment on statistics. Choices, while there are “some” that are pretty obvious overriding things, generally there are more controlling decisions that are hidden truth.

I will go as far to say, that developing a tumor is a spiritual experience we make with our body. I have come to realize that my cancer is a pact, I formed an agreement with my body, and it was not until recent weeks and months, in realizing this agreement that I needed to negotiate and take back control and tell cancer its time is passed.

A few obvious facts about cancer that are worth sharing, to improve some basic “good” decision factors.

Cancer cells can’t just thrive. Their need sugar as their food source. Our diet, the western diet, is so fraught and overrun with sugar, it is impossible as being able to see it as much of anything other than a cancer breeding ground. As someone, who has spent the past 12 months removing all sugar from her diet, I can tell you it is ridiculously hard to do this. There is virtually nothing you can leave on auto pilot if your goal is to starve out existing cancer cells from getting the food source of cancer. Including places and things you previously varied as being “safe” are not always going to stay or be safe. Vigilance and a pattern of verification on everything you put into your mouth is necessary.

Cancer cells are weak cells. They are not difficult to kill. The body has the tools to kill them, it has the knowledge, one just has to make the difficult and vigilant decisions to help the immune system, the microbiome, the lymph system, and generally stop giving cancer things that allow it to be strong. There are some great resources on this, the Keto (anti sugar) community has some great tools. There are also alot of “nutritionally how to kill cancer” that also will point out alot of details.

There is an awesome quote, that one of the many sources of good information about naturally curing cancer I have come across gives – its from which has been an inspirational source of information, and well worth the financial investment. The quote is, that basically if your body makes it your body has the power to heal it. This is intimately true for cancer.

Most recently, I had a second MRI, that showed significantly bad progression in the tumors in my brain. I also had a CT and a Bone scan, that showed the rest of the cancer in my body is pretty non-existent – meaning they could barely make out the cells that had the cancer, and they showed no active cancer anywhere other than my brain. Armed with this knowledge, and the continuing advancement of my symptoms. I sought out my favorite Radiation Oncologist.

This time, he was very willing to approach a treatment I had initially asked him to consider in Feb when my first MRI was done, a targeted treatment of radiation to my cerebellum. We started that 9 days ago, today I go for treatment 9 of 10. I can tell you that knowing what I know about cancer, and radiation, I am having stellar results. I will go for follow up scans in early July both MRI (July 3) CT/Bone scan (July 11) – to check the state of my union. The radiation is helping, it is killing the tumors in the cerebellum – the bulk of my issue, as well as killing all the blood vessels that cancer has developed to support the other tumors in my brain that live in this area. Everyday, I feel tired from the treatment, but I also feel empowered, renewed and I feel as if I now have the information to move past Cancer. This may not be my only treatment. But I do feel it is miraculously more helpful than any of the other conventional medical treatments I have had to date. … and this is honestly a change in perspective for me.

I have some more to say about cancer, and the agreements that we make that allow it to form tumors, but I feel this part 3 is complete, and Part 4 will be over the next period of time, as I remove the cancer from my body and show miraculous positive results.

I know feel I have the keys as it were to unlocking the spiritual, emotional, and mental reasons I developed cancer, and allowed it to have a place to thrive in my body. I feel like I know understand these like a 3 year old learns, I do not have them mastered yet, but I am well on the way to learning how to do this, I know what I need, and I know where and how to get it. I am uplifted and excited, its probably not going to be a super fast process, but everyday I will feel better, stronger, and thrive. Cancer will go off to the west, and leave my body for good. The power of good choices is super important.

The biggest take away I would like to make sure that I have conveyed in this blog. Cancer is less than 50% physical. All the physical treatments in the world can only be as effective as your soul and heart are at helping. I needed to stop building cancer with my soul and heart in order for the treatments to thrive, and allow me to thrive.

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